Congratulations on your bundle of joy!

We know a little bit about what’s going on in your mind right now – in 5 years, 25 babies were born to OXO’s 50 employees (and the number keeps on growing!). With so many new babies came many baby showers and many baby registries.

The process of planning your baby registry can be as daunting as giving birth! What do I need right away? What can wait? What features should I look for? Rest easy, we’ve been through this before and we’re here to help.

Below you’ll find a checklist of OXO Tot products we think are absolutely essential in those tough first months of new parenthood. Each was designed to help guide, nurture and care for little ones.

Early Feeding
Feeding Spoons
Babies generally start solids between 4 and 6 months (check with your doctor first), but when it’s time, try our Feeding Spoons, available in sets of two. Soft, gentle, food-grade silicone covers the head, making this perfect for scraping the last bit of food from a bowl, jar or baby’s face. BPA Free.
Divided Feeding Dish
This Dish has two compartments, holding 2.5 ounces of food each, so it’s perfect for two separate foods or one stage-two jar of baby food. The non-slip base and grip allows you to hold it securely with one hand, freeing the other for serving baby with a Feeding Spoon (and making it difficult for baby to knock it out of your hand – trust us!). BPA Free.
Small & Large Bowl Set
These versatile Bowls grow with you and baby. At first, they’re perfect for feeding baby everything from rice cereal to mashed bananas. When it’s time for them to learn to self-feed, high, straight walls enable little hands to guide oatmeal, yogurt and other foods onto utensils. BPA Free.
Baby Food Mill
If you’re inclined to make your own baby food, look no further than our Baby Food Mill. Its soft knob is easy to turn and collapsible feet give you leverage as you turn directly into a pot or bowl. Three grinding disks let you prepare foods in a variety of textures to take tots from first purees to thicker consistency foods. BPA Free.
Baby Food Freezer Tray
Freeze homemade purees in our innovative Baby Food Freezer Tray. Its patented cover allows you to release one cube at a time, keeps freezer odors from permeating food and makes it easy to stack multiple Trays in a crowded freezer. Each cube holds 3/4 ounces of baby food. BPA Free.
Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers
Portion, store, freeze, heat and serve meals for baby in our 2- and 4-ounce Baby Blocks. The unique tops give you an airtight, watertight and leakproof seal so you can pop them into a diaper bag with confidence. Trays (included) keep them corralled and allow you to stack in a crowded freezer.
Transitional Feeding
Fork & Spoon Set
Even if you can’t imagine your tot as an independent little woman (or man!), the truth is one day they’ll be ready to feed themselves. When that day comes, our generous, curved and effective (seriously!) Fork & Spoon Set helps minimize frustration.
When toddlers are ready to self-feed, our Plate features a handy, removable ring to help them guide food onto utensils. A non-slip base keeps the Plate stays on the table, minimizing their frustration (and yours!).
Divided Plate
When your toddler is ready for more grown-up meals, our Divided Plate helps teach the value of a balanced meal. Three individual sections are marked for proteins, grains and vegetables. A center section invites them to have fun dipping their food in their favorite condiments and sauces.
Sippy Cup
Our Sippy Cup is great when tots are transitioning off of the bottle. A leak-proof valve prevents spills and releases pressure for easy, smooth sipping. Non-slip grips make it easy for little hands to grab on and a dimple in the lid makes room for noses. Available with and without Handles and in 7- and 11-ounce capacities.
Training Cup
As toddlers transition from sippy sups to regular cups, our Training Cup is the perfect helper. A slow-flow lid insert controls the flow of liquid and a stable bottom helps to minimize tips and spills. Non-slip grips on either side make it easy for little hands to hold on. The insert comes out, turning it into a big-kid cup.
Bottle Brush
One of the first products you'll turn to is our bottle brush, which will help you tackle six to eight feedings a day. Soft and firm bristles make cleaning bottles and breast pump parts a breeze. A handy nipple cleaner gets into tight spots and our Brush comes with an optional stand to keep counters dry.
Bottle Drying Rack
Keep items elevated and sanitary while they dry with our Bottle Drying Rack. It is a must-have for new parents, particularly when hand washing bottles and their parts in the first few months after baby is born. As they grow, use it to dry plates and cups. A removable cup is great for utensils, straws and medicine droppers.
Dishwasher Basket
Once you are able to wash bottles and parts in the dishwasher, our Dishwasher Basket is a handy tool to keep all items corralled for a proper cleaning. The doors of our Dishwasher Basket prevent toppling while loading and unloading and it is large enough to accommodate up to 8 bottle nipples.
Mini Dishwasher Basket
Our Mini Dishwasher Basket is a compact solution for keeping bottle parts contained in the dishwasher. Its sides stretch to accommodate larger items and its slim profile fits literally anywhere in a crowded machine.
Silicone Drying Mat
Dry baby bottles, breast pump parts and more with the handy Silicone Drying Mat. Its slim profile fits perfectly alongside kitchen sinks and it rolls up for storage when not in use. It is particularly helpful when traveling with baby.