Congratulations, you’re engaged!

Amid the dress fittings, cake tastings and venue scouting, you still have to find time to plan what tools you’ll need at your disposal after the big day. The process of planning your wedding registry can be as daunting as planning the wedding itself, but OXO is here to help make it easier.

Below you’ll find a checklist of OXO products we think are essential in putting together your new home. Whether you’re a novice or gourmet chef, an organization dud or dynamo, with OXO you’ll find the tools you’ll hold on to.

Cooking & Baking
OXO’s Swivel Peeler is the one that started it all! The handle is comfortable to hold and won’t slip, even when wet. The blades were set to remove only the peel, none of the vegetable. Choose a Swivel or Y Peeler for most any task. The others are great for more specific tasks.
Salad Spinner
Over the years, a Salad Spinner has become a must-have for every kitchen. Ours features a patented pump and brake to make it easy to use with one hand, while a clear lid comes apart for easy and thorough cleaning. The bowl features a non-slip base to keep it from wobbling on the countertop, and it is elegant enough to take straight to the table and serve. It’s also available in Stainless Steel and Green, depending on your personal style.
Can, Jar & Bottle Openers
Open any jar, can or bottle effortlessly with OXO. Soft, non-slip handles absorb pressure and cushion your hand. Oversized knobs, wide grips and long handles improve comfort and leverage for easy opening. We have several options for each, depending on your preference.
Strainers & Colanders
OXO’s Colanders and Strainers feature soft, comfortable non-slip handles for a firm grip while shaking and draining water. Non-slip feet on the Colanders keep them steady, even in the sink, making them great for draining pasta or vegetables. Our fine mesh Strainers are perfect for sifting flour or for dusting baked goods with powdered sugar.
Measuring Cups
For precision in measuring wet and dry ingredients, try our Measuring Cups. Dry Measuring Cups come with brightly colored markings so measurements are easily recognizable. They are shaped for easy scooping and rest flat on counters. For Liquid Measuring needs, try our Angled Measuring Cups, featuring a patented angled surface that lets you read markings by looking straight down into the cup.
Measuring Spoons
For precision in measuring small increments, try our Measuring Spoons. Brightly colored markings make measurements easily recognizable, and each snaps on and off the ring separately, making it simple to remove one at a time.
Bake, brown and roast for your new family with confidence! Our Thermometers, both analog and digital, are calibrated for accuracy and are easy to read. Meat Thermometers come with recommended temperatures.
Setting the time is easy and intuitive with our Timers. Their compact shapes are perfect for setting them down next to the oven.
Oven Mitts & Potholders
Our Oven Mitts & Potholders come in a rainbow of colors that are sure to match your new kitchen, but best of all they feature heat resistant silicone to protect your hands from spills and burns AND provide a secure grip.
Cut, chop, slice and dice with ease with our comfortable and affordable knives. Soft handles absorb pressure and reduce fatigue, even during repetitive tasks. Sharp, stainless steel blades are durable and long-lasting for a perfect cut, every time. Buy them individually, or in a 14-Piece Set.
Cutting Boards
Chop, mince and carve on our Cutting Boards, recommended by Cook’s Illustrated. They feature soft, tapered handles for easy lifting and non-slip edges to keep them secure on countertops during use. Smaller boards are great for prep, while bigger boards are appropriate for large tasks, including carving.
For perfectly sliced vegetables that would make your Mother-In-Law proud, try our user-friendly Mandoline. It allows you to make straight, crinkle and waffle cuts, plus julienne strips and French fries with confidence and ease. Our Mandolines also come in Stainless SteeL, Hand Held and V-Blade (great for soft vegetables) versions, depending on your preference.
Our Graters are designed for maximum sharpness to make the repetitive task of grating cheese, zesting citrus fruits or grinding spices simple.
Serving Utensils
Our Ladles, Forks, Spoons and Servers are just right for dinner parties or for a casual newlywed dinner. Available in Stainless Steel and Nylon (great for non-stick cookware), you’ll reach for these utensils day in, day out.
Available in nylon, steel, wood or silicone, our Turners are ideal for flipping eggs or pancakes and turning meat or fish, and do double-duty as servers. You’ll need at least one or two. For more specific tasks, use our Fish, Pancake, Omelet or Lasagne Turners.
Spatulas are the perfect tool for mixing sauces or making batters. Ours feature silicone heads that are heat resistant to 600°, will not scratch non-stick cookware, stay flexible longer and will not discolor like rubber spatulas do. They come in a variety of colors, with wooden or nylon handles, and in regular or Spoon-shaped versions. Select a few of these as they are an essential tool.
Our Locking Tongs are OXO’s take on traditional French style cooking tongs. Each features soft, non-slip grips on the side, perfect for when hands are wet or greasy. An easy pull-tab locks tongs securely for convenient storage and a strong hinge and smooth spring work together to reduce hand strain. The heads are angled perfectly to pick up even small foods. What more could you ask for? Tongs are available in three convenient sizes, and in nylon and silicone for non-stick cookware.
Create a stir with our Whisks. Bulb-shaped handles fit comfortably in the palm of your hand so you can beat eggs, stir batter or sauces and whip cream with ease. Nylon Whisks are safe for non-stick cookware.
Mixing Bowls
Mix dough, fold batters and whisk vinaigrettes with our Mixing Bowls. Each of our Bowls have non-skid bottoms to keep them stable while mixing. Plastic Bowls feature a non-slip handle that’s easy to grip and come in a variety of colors, while Stainless Steel Bowls are perfect for chilling and marinating.
Food Storage
Pantry & Countertop Storage
Keep your dry ingredients fresh and pantries and countertops organized with OXO. POP Containers, available with plastic or steel tops, create an airtight seal with one touch. Square and rectangular shapes and flat lids make them space efficient. BPA-Free.
Refrigerator & Freezer Storage
For airtight, watertight, leak-proof storage of leftovers, try our LockTop Containers. They are BPA-free and microwave and freezer safe, with unique lids that seal securely with one press. Crystal clear plastic makes it easy to see what’s inside, so no more scary leftovers!
Serving & Entertaining
Ice Cream Scoops
No scream for ice cream with our Ice Cream Scoops. Each is designed to release even soft ice cream into cones, bowls or dishes without sticking. Soft, non-slip handles absorb pressure while scooping, which is great for hard ice cream. The round ones are great for creating rounded scoops while pointed ones and our Spade glide into hard ice cream with ease.
Tea Kettles
For tea that will lift your spirits, try an OXO Tea Kettle. Each has an iconic shape (perfect for displaying on stovetops), comes in a variety of colors, is easy to open, and features heat resistant handles that are non-slip for added safety. A little-known fact - the Uplift Tea Kettle has graced many Hollywood sets!
Whether you’re a novice or a grill master, with our Grilling tools, you’ll be making excuses to barbeque all year long. Corn Holders, with and without a Storage Case, make this side dish easy to eat, even when ears are dripping with butter!
Slicing pizza is easy with our sharp, stainless steel Pizza Wheels. A thumb guard keeps fingers away from the rotating blade and a soft handle absorbs pressure. Also available in a large 4” size and in BPA-free plastic for non-stick bakeware.
Cheese Tools
Serve everything from Manchego to Camembert with our cheese tools. A Cheese Plane and Wire Cheese Slicer are great for everyday use while our Cheese Knife Set is elegant for day-to-day and dinner-party fare.
Our signature grips, user-friendly designs and stainless steel accents help you serve up any cocktail in confidence, comfort and style. Try our Barware Sets (in 7- and 11-Piece versions) for all the drinkmaster essentials.
Wine Tools
We have a number of solutions for easy sipping of wine! Winged Corkscrews open bottles with a simple twist of a non-slip knob, Self-Pulling ones open wine with a continuous turning motion (without pulling, prying OR screaming!), and Waiter’s Corkscrews have all the necessary tools in one simple package. For chilling whites, try our Wine Sleeve, and in the event you don’t finish the bottle, try our Stopper and Stopper/Pourer Combination. Cheers!
Ice Cube Trays & Ice Buckets
For drinks that are cold as ice, look no further. Our innovative Ice Cube Trays make it easy to store, even in a crowded freezer, and the innovative rounded shape releases cubes easily, no banging required. To store your cubes, our Ice Buckets keep sweating and melting to a minimum and are available in plastic and steel versions.
Pantry & Countertop Storage
Keep your dry ingredients fresh and pantries and countertops organized with OXO. POP Containers, available with plastic or steel tops, create an airtight seal with one touch. Square and rectangular shapes and flat lids make them space efficient. BPA-Free.
Refrigerator & Freezer Storage
For airtight, watertight, leak-proof storage of leftovers, try our LockTop Containers. They are BPA-free and microwave and freezer safe, with unique lids that seal securely with one press. Crystal clear plastic makes it easy to see what’s inside, so no more scary leftovers!
Dish Racks and Drying Mats
Our Dish Racks and Drying Mats offer space-efficient drying when you want to (or have to!) hand wash your dishes and glasses. Dish Racks have drip trays that drain in many directions, so you can position the Racks to best fit your countertop. Silicone Drying Mats have a unique ribbed design to maximize aeration and elevate items while they dry. They roll up neatly for storage.
Drawer Organizers
Combine his & hers drawers in an orderly fashion with our Drawer Organizers. Bins and dividers adjust to store gadgets, utensils and crafts. Deep Drawer Bins and Drawer Dividers keep accessories, undergarments, socks and more separated and organized.
Cabinet Organizers
Every kitchen has a few black holes, those inaccessible bottom cabinet corners that are too low and out-of-reach to store anything that gets regular use. Reclaim every inch with our Roll-Out Bins, durable rolling drawers that put all your bottom shelf items at your fingertips.
Our Turntables are just right for turning messy cabinets into organized havens. Each provides easy access for hard-to-reach items like spices, sauces and more. Larger Turntables are great for cleaning supplies, while our Two-Tier Turntable is a great solution for tall cabinets.
Paper Towel Holders
Tell your spouse to keep the roll under control! Our Paper Towel Holders accommodate any size roll and enable effortless removal of even a single sheet. We have several countertop options, depending on your personal preference, as well as a wall-mounted style if counter space is at a minimum.
Utensil Holders
Keep your brand new gadgets and utensils organized and close at hand with our Utensil Holders. A Rectangular one fits into narrow areas or flush against the wall, while a Rotating version makes tools easy to access. Each feature a contoured bottom to keep over 15 tools upright and non-slip bottoms to guarantee no tips or drops while removing tools.
Spoon Rest
Keep your stove and countertop clean with the Stainless Steel Spoon Rest. It holds even your largest cooking tools, including spatulas and ladles. To use with multiple utensils, simply turn the Spoon Rest sideways. Non-slip silicone feet are heat resistant so that you can keep the Spoon Rest on your stove top while cooking, and will not scratch the surface of your countertop or stove.
Sharing a bathroom is often the hardest part of a young marriage, but make it simple with our bath storage solutions. Shower Caddies are easy to install and feature large bins and shelves that pop in and out for easy cleaning. Suction Baskets, Shelves, Hooks and Holders stick securely to glass and tiled surfaces for added storage.