Cabinet Door Hair Iron Holder
Cabinet Door Hair Iron Holder

Cabinet Door Hair Iron Holder - New

# 1451880
Give your hair iron a permanent home in your cabinet with the OXO Good Grips Cabinet Door Hair Iron Holder. The Holder hooks onto the inside of your cabinet door allowing you to store your hair iron up and away from everything else. Convenient compartment helps contain the cord, eliminating the need to wind it around the iron after each use.  After use, the body of the tool can be safely placed in the compartment that is lined with heat-resistant silicone, even if it’s still hot. Ventilation slots in the bottom of the Cabinet Door Hair Iron Holder will help the tool cool off quickly. Now there’s one less thing to worry about while getting ready!
  • Efficiently stores hair irons away from items in cabinets
  • Heat-resistant, silicone-lined compartment allows for storage of hair irons during cool-down
  • Silicone is heat safe up to 600° F
  • Ventilation holes allow for quick cooling
  • Additional compartment for keeping cord neatly tucked away
  • Hook flexes to fit over most cabinet doors
  • Quick, easy, tool-free installation
  • Dimensions: 3.9” x 7.2” x 16.75”
Note: Always place hot tools in silicone-lined compartment

Price: $19.99 

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