Stainless Steel Toilet Brush & Canister Set - Round

Stainless Steel Toilet Brush & Canister Set - Round

OXO’s Stainless Steel Toilet Brush & Canister is the perfect addition to any bathroom. The elegant stainless steel Canister design allows the Toilet Brush to be stored discreetly within easy reach. Simply lift the Brush and the Canister automatically springs open! The oval cross-section of the Brush handle prevents the Toilet Brush from spinning in your hand while you clean, and the Brush head features durable bristles and a tapered shape for deep cleaning. After cleaning, simply replace the Brush in the Canister for neat and sanitary storage; a built-in drip tray in the Canister bottom catches excess water and allows it to quickly evaporate.
  • Canister doors spring open automatically when Toilet Brush is lifted and neatly stores Brush when not in use
  • Toilet Brush features tapered Brush head for deep cleaning under the rim and other hard-to-reach places
  • Handle won’t spin in your hand and is designed for a secure, comfortable grip
  • Canister drip tray features ventilation slots that allow water to quickly evaporate
  • Dimensions: 19x 5.25 x5
  • Weight: 1.65 lb

Price: $29.99 

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