Silicone Coasters - 8 Pack

Silicone Coasters - 8 Pack

Contain drips and protect furniture with OXO Good Grips Coasters. The Coasters are reversible and both sides are concave to contain liquid. A grooved pattern holds liquid to prevent leaking, and the grooves promote air flow so the Coasters won’t stick to glassware. These sturdy silicone Coasters are safe for all types of furniture surfaces. Available in packs of eight.
  • Reversible Coaster is concave on both sides to contain liquid
  • Grooved pattern holds liquid to prevent leaking
  • Grooves promote air flow to prevent Coaster from sticking to glassware
  • Dishwasher safe
Dimensions: 3.5'' x 3.5'' x .25'' Weight: 8 oz.

Price: $9.99 

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