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Good Grips

3 Piece Safe For Non-Stick Cookware Set


A range of heat-resistant tools safe for non-stick cookware

This handy set features nylon- and silicone-based tools that are gentle on non-stick cookware. The Spatula has a heat resistant silicone head. The Turner and stainless steel Tongs have have heat resistant nylon heads, and the Tongs lock closed for convenient storage.

SKU 1063494V1
Materials Tongs: Stainless steel, Nylon
Spatula: Silicone
Flexible Turner: Nylon
Dimensions Together: 7.85'' x 3'' x 14.85''
Packaged Weight 0.82 lbs
Ceramic Safe Dishwasher Safe Heat Safe Nylon Heat Safe Silicone New Soft Non Slip Grip Stainless Steel

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