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360 Cup 6 oz 2-Pack

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360 Cup 6 oz 2-Pack
360 Cup 6 oz 2-Pack

We created the OXO Tot 360⁰ Cup for tots who are almost ready for big-kid cups. The 360-degree lid has a clear disk that adjusts to three different slow-to-fast flow rates to mimic grown-up cups. The lid helps little ones learn how to hold and tilt cups just right, and it’ll spill just a little if over-tipped to teach the importance of being careful. The comfy grip is non-slip, and the dimple in the disk creates space for little noses. Once your little sipper masters those skills, the disk can be removed, and the Trainer becomes a regular cup. The cup is crystal clear (so you can see how much is left) and has measurement markings (so you can track what you’re pouring in). Comes in pack of two. Dishwasher safe.


  • Clear disk lets little ones see liquid while they drink to learn how far to tip the cup
  • Purposefully designed to make a small mess if tipped over
  • Shape design mimics grown-up cups for easy transition
  • Disk can be removed when your tot is ready to drink from an open cup
  • Crystal clear Cup shows just how much liquid is left
  • Cup features convenient measurement markings
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