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4 Alternative Uses for Your Bottle Drying Rack

If you hate kitchen clutter, thinking of ways to maximize the utility of some of your favorite countertop mainstays is always a worthwhile endeavor. For our family, one of those items is the Bottle Drying Rack, which we got when our son was born. This rack in particular is our favorite because we go through many bottles a day and it can hold around eight at a time. There’s also a nice, flat space in the front of the drying rack for small pieces and generous raised ribs on the bottom, making for much quicker drying time than others we’ve tried. While its purpose is obvious, there are a handful of additional ways to use the rack when you don’t need it for bottles or your baby is all grown up.  

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1. Kitchen Plates

We often have guests over for dinner, especially since people want to meet the baby, so having a spare drying rack to dry dinner plates that we’ve quickly hand-washed cuts down on dishwasher usage – and helps us turnaround dishes more quickly.

2. Art Project Storage

When inspiration strikes, kiddo art projects have a way of taking over every surface. So how about gathering up all those beautiful papers and staggering them in-between the pegs of the drying rack to dry? You can even wash out the paint brushes and store them upright in the removable cup. This way, your messy art supplies can stay separate from your dishes.

3. Drying Wine Glasses

If you’ve ever tried precariously placing wine glasses on a full dish rack, you know there’s got to be a better way: after hand-washing them, simply place them on the spare drying rack and they’ll remain elevated as moisture drips away.

4. Reuse Those Zip-top Bags

Whether you’re thrifty or just hate waste, washing out lightly-used zip-top bags always seems like a great idea at the onset– it’s the drying part that becomes a true task. Thankfully, the drying rack pegs handle the job like a champ, keeping bags open and raised above the tray.


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