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7 Baby Products You Won’t Outgrow
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7 Baby Products You Won’t Outgrow

Your baby will outgrow so many things in that first year of life—but here are a few pieces of baby gear that will still come in handy years down the line.

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It feels like you barely have time to make your home baby-ready and get all the gear you need before your little one arrives, and next thing you know your tot is outgrowing it all: those adorable onesies, the baby bouncer and that pricey little bassinet. But fortunately, some baby products can be useful long past the toddler years. Here’s how to recycle your favorite gear.

Bath Toy Containers

That cute little Bath Toy Bin that keeps your baby’s rubber duckies close at hand (and dry) right now could help you corral an overabundance of shower products for the older kids or adults in your family. You can also use the bin to stash reading material in the bathroom. Better yet, turn it into a tote for smaller beach and pool gear—you can easily rinse it to keep sand and chlorine off your stuff.

Baby Food Storage Containers

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Those small 6 oz Baby Blocks may be too tiny for your elementary schooler’s main course—but they make ideal containers for storing dressings and dips in a school lunch, or holding snack-size portions of a special treat. You can also use them to contain those easy-to-lose little pieces from games or Lego sets, or to hold jewelry or hair accessories, or to organize beads, googly eyes and sparkles for craft projects. And if your kiddo decides to start making that currently ubiquitous slime, you can use the containers to hold the goo so it doesn’t end up all over your house.

Suction Bowls and Plates


They’re great for keeping the mess at bay when your child is learning to eat, but why not keep using them to contain the mess for other projects? The Stick & Stay Suction Divided Plate can become a paint palette, and the Stick & Stay Suction Bowl lets your child practice mixing up a small batch of cookie batter without accidentally dumping it on the floor.

Diaper Bags

When you’re shopping for a diaper bag, skip the cutesy prints and go with a classic design—or simply choose a well-designed tote that isn’t technically made for diapers. Once you’re done with diapers, the bag turns into a grownup handbag or a perfect carry-on piece for your next vacation.

High Chairs


The coolest models—like the Sprout Chair—grow with your child. You can also convert them into a youth chair for your big kid.

Drying Rack

Bottle Drying Rack

While it’s perfect for baby bottles, the Space Saving Drying Rack doubles as a drying rack for other things—from your wine glasses to your kids’ art projects—and keeps them neat and out of the way as they dry.

Crib Mattress

Hang on to your kid’s crib mattress for a few years. You can use it as a spare bed when their friend is sleeping over, or keep it in your bedroom for those times when you have an extra little guest in your own room.

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