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Ask OXOnians: Our Best Potty Training Tips

After a few years of diaper changes, we know parents are counting down the days until their toddlers can handle going to the bathroom “on their own”, so we've rounded up our best potty training tips.

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Potty training a toddler has its own frustrations and challenges. We asked OXOnians who are parents to think back to that oh-so fun, most-likely messy, time in their life for their best potty training tips and advice. Here’s what they said:

Cover your Couches!

Francoise on the Baking Team knows a thing or two about potty training; she’s a mother to three. Her potty training tip: “With my oldest, who is also a boy, it took forever because he couldn’t care less. We eventually had to just let him roam around with no diaper on and cover the couches with sheets to allow him to feel the mess.”

Peer Influence

Toddlers love following and imitating others, and it’s no different with potty training. Claire on the Coffee Team's potty training tip: “Absolutely nothing. For our second child, he potty trained himself super early just because he wanted to imitate his brother. My advice: Don’t sweat it and wait until #2… it gets easier.” For those not as lucky as Claire, take Francoise’s advice: her daughter saw her friends doing it and decided she wanted to do it as well.

Potty Chair and Step Stool

Potty Chair
Step Stool

Positive Reinforcement

Whether it’s cheering and applause every time they succeed or creating a reward system, OXO parents agree that encouragement is key to successfully potty train. Francoise recommends a sticker chart. “Basically she would earn a certain sticker for #1, another one for #2 and another one for wiping. They would go on a chart and that was its own reward,” she said.

Distractions are Helpful

Letting your child focus on something else, like a book or games on a tablet, is helpful when toddlers are trying to use the bathroom themselves. “Letting them focus on something else often gets things moving,” Maryann, Art Director said.

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Take a Day Off

To get your kiddo in the full routine, former OXOnians Melissa recommends taking a day off from work. “You need to do a 3-dayer without diapers,” she said.

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Potty Talk

To prep her daughter for the big transition, Rebecca on Brand Communications made sure to talk about the potty a lot and even got her some fun books (she was really into Potty by Leslie Patricelli(Opens in a new window)) about going to the bathroom.

Patience, Patience, Patience

Almost all the parents we spoke to mentioned this tip. Potty training takes repetition and it takes time. “Ultimately, they’ll do it when they’re ready, and not a minute before,” said Maryann.

Looking for more tips? Here's 8 more potty training tips from parents who have been there.


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