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Must-Have Bath Items for Your Baby Registry

Whether it’s your own baby shower registry or you are shopping for a friend, these baby bath essentials offer safe, fun and easy bathing as your little one grows.

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Bathtime is a joyous way for parents to bond with their baby. Warm water, whimsical toys and the sheer glee of splashing around make tubtime a family favorite. But it can also be a stressful and sometimes scary activity, especially for first-time parents who want to be sure their little one is safe in this new environment. To make bathing your baby a secure, relaxing experience for everyone, check out these solutions and tools to add to your registry.  

Newborn Tub
Infant Tub

For Your Newborn

Baby bathtub. This splash and store tub is great for newborns up to 18 months old. The ingenious design has one narrow end that holds small babies snuggly and safely in place and a wider one for them as they grow. The best part: It folds up flat so you can store it in a cabinet or closet to keep your bathroom organized.

Soft cloths and hooded towels. Thinner washcloths work best to clean all your baby’s nooks and crannies (don’t forget behind the ears and under those tiny fingernails!). A hooded towel protects against the uncomfortable burst of cool air on a wet body that can turn a baby’s smile upside down in a hurry.

Mild soap. Choose one specifically designed for newborns’ delicate skin. Make this item a multiple on your registry, as you’ll go through it quickly. You might also want to include an oatmeal bath, which can help ease discomfort from eczema and diaper rash.

Items for Infants

Adaptable bathtub. The safest tubs are ones that perfectly cradle your child as he grows. That’s the beauty of this handy bathtub: When your baby is ready to sit up on his own, simply switch him to the wider side for maximum support. The tub also comes with a quick-release, dual-sided drain to let all the water out quickly.

Bath toys. What’s bathtime without a rubber ducky (or two)? Include a few toys on your registry but be prepared that your infant may be just as happy dumping water from a plastic measuring cup. As your baby grows older, you can make bathtime fun with boats, squeeze toys and other floating items.

Bath Toy Bin
Tub Stopper

Bath Essentials for Toddlers

Spout cover. Toddlers can be active, both in and out of the bath. To avoid the chance of heads and arms banging against the water spout (ouch!), cover the faucet opening with a padded stopper that softens sharp edges.

Bath toy bin. Make it easy to find what you need and put everything away with one of these water-friendly containers. The self-draining basket ensures proper airflow so toys dry quickly . Just stick it in the dishwasher when it needs to be cleaned.

Tub stopper. Keep water from draining out of the tub (and taking little toys with it) with this flexible silicone stopper. It’s safe for small fingers to handle and easy to store on the wall when you’re not using it thanks to its suction-cup mechanism.

Now that you have a complete baby bath supplies checklist that you can add to your registry, how about a few more tips on the best way to give your newborn a bath? Here are 7 questions every new parent asks about baby baths.


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