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Best Travel Items for Kids from Positively Oakes

Best Travel Items for Kids from Positively Oakes

Words Positively Oakes

Positievely Oakes knows the challenges of traveling with a little one.

Usually we are traveling and in the car a ton for the holidays, but this year was simple, at home and well, perfect. However — that being said, our travel is picking up in the next month so I figured I would jump on here and share a few must have items for on the go. Not even just travel honestly, just GOOD items for the car and well, going places.

The Must Haves

Positively Oakes travel essentials
on-the-go wipes dispenser
On-The-Go Wipes Dispenser Shop Now

I actually attach this to the back of my headrest because then you know….when your kid is eating chocolate and gets it EVERYWHERE (not that, that has happened to me or anything)….you can just grab one and clean. It’s also perfect to attach to the stroller and super convenient to honestly just move wherever and whenever you need it.


Transition Sippy Cup

We LOVE these!! They’re great for on the go because I can put the sippy on but then it’s perfect for at home because she can feel a little more “big girl”-ish with the lid on instead. So it prevents spills and messes in the car, but it’s ONE CUP PEOPLE.

Positively Oakes travel essentials
stroller hook
Handy Stroller Hooks - 2 pk Shop Now

Y’all know that I love myself my stroller hooks, seriously they’re just convenient and the best. This one is actually a little bit bigger than past ones I have had and I love it for that reason because it holds more and is a lot more stable. It easily velcros on and curves so that you can hook things on, but they don’t fall off. It’s a must have!


Head to Positively Oakes to read what else is essential for taking on the road.

By Positively Oakes

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