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Blogs We Love: On-the-Go Tot Products

As any parent will tell you, traveling with toddlers ain't easy. From the snack demands to the frequent potty breaks, it requires a bit of extra planning and, yes, plenty of extra snacks. But having the right gear can make all the difference. Some of our mom blogger friends weighed in on their favorite OXO On-the-Go products to take along with them when traveling with kiddos.

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After living in Germany for four years and traveling back and forth overseas, Kristen of Whiskey Tango Fox Trot(Opens in a new window) feels pretty well seasoned when it comes to packing. But in her experience, there’s nothing worse than thinking you have everything under control at baggage check only to find juice spilled inside in your bag from a leaky sippy cup. Thankfully that’s not an issue anymore, phew. The Transitions Soft Spout Sippy Cup Set(Opens in a new window) has a lid that flips down over the spout to prevent spills. Kristen can throw it in her purse without ever worrying about leaks.


When Kasey of All Things Mama(Opens in a new window) is getting ready to head out with the kids, she doesn’t leave home without her Flippy Snack Cup(Opens in a new window). It’s perfect for little fingers to grab onto small snacks. You can toss it in the car without worrying about any big spills in the backseat.


Kristen of Oy Kristen(Opens in a new window) loves her Handy Stroller Hook(Opens in a new window) for hanging everything from her purse to her Shake Shack bag of cheeseburgers (en route to Central Park for a picnic). Since the stroller hook is gripped, it can easily handle the weight of her bags—which means she can do even more shopping after her cheeseburger picnic!


The biggest fear for parents of toddlers (according to Valerie of The Style Files(Opens in a new window), a toddler parent herself)? Being away from home and a toilet. Thankfully that’s not a fear anymore now that her son Bryce has his 2-in-1 Go Potty(Opens in a new window). It opens quickly for all those bathroom emergencies, the legs lock in place, and it folds well for portability. Valerie uses it at home but also loves packing it for trips.


Husband-and-wife duo Nathan and Kim of Classic Kolbs(Opens in a new window) use a lot of wipes. Like a lot. Wipes for diaper changes, wipes for cleaning spills, wipes for washing hands. They always have their On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser with Diaper Pouch(Opens in a new window) at the ready, especially when out and about without a sink.

Disclaimer: OXO provided products to these bloggers through our Blogger Outreach program(Opens in a new window). If you’re a blogger and are interested in joining the program, feel free to sign up here!


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