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Blogs We Love: On Sippy Cups

Blogs We Love: On Sippy Cups

Words Kasey Hickey

When it comes to sippy cups, the small conveniences we take for granted involve big design decisions that make you forget just how far we’ve come. OXO recently sent some Sippy Cups out to a handful of our favorite bloggers. Here’s a look at what they had to say after taking them for a test run with their kids. Hint: the magic is in the details.


hello-baby-brownHello Baby Brown

Marisa of Hello Baby Brown is excited she can finally make some room in her cupboard because OXO Tot Transitions Sippy Cups are designed to grow with your child. I can relate as I recently purged my cupboards (don’t even ask how many random things I found…). Less is more, people, less is more.









Mel and Nader of Duoventures are big fans of the OXO Tot Sippy Cup’s cap, which keeps the spout clean. Even though I’m now a pro at cleaning sippy cups, I appreciate that this means there’s a little less to worry about with this sippy cup.








the-lettered-streetsThe Lettered Streets

Watching your child learn new skills as they grow is so exciting, that’s why handing your child their first sippy cup is a magical experience (as was the case with baby Alma of The Lettered Streets!). But it’s also nice to know that as they learn these new skills, your floor is still protected from spills. If only the same can be said of solids. [insert cry/laughing emoji]








sew-you-think-you-can-cookSew You Think You Can Cook

Lauren of Sew You Think You Can Cook loves that her babe can safely gum on the OXO Sippy Cup’s soft spout —and with two teething babies on my hands, I can definitely relate to her sentiment.








hello-grey-boyHello Grey Boy

When it’s hot out, it’s super important for all us to stay hydrated—but kiddos, especially, since they’re not often aware that they need water. Love these pics from Sydney of Hello Grey Boy, who brought her OXO Tot Sippy Cups to the pool.








We’d love to hear your more about your experiences with the OXO Tot Sippy Cup line!

By Kasey Hickey

Kasey Fleisher Hickey is a freelance writer for OXO, and a mom to three cute kiddos (a toddler and boy/girl twins). She is the co-founder of Turntable Kitchen, the first and only food and music site and subscription service. She lives in Seattle, by way of San Francisco, where she keeps busy as a writer, content strategist, and brand marketing consultant.

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