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Why Glass Baby Blocks?

When you’re in the thick of it, transitioning to solids—like every other baby milestone—is a huge deal. On the one hand, you spend less time worrying about breast or bottle feeding; on the other, something new to obsess about! We’re a bit obsessive at OXO too. Whenever we can improve upon a product, we go for it. Such was the case with our popular Baby Blocks.

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Many parents (including OXOnian parents here at the office) were clamoring for them in glass and plastic. After much testing and tinkering, we landed on a version we love enough to use with our own kids at home.

The glass Baby Blocks share the same convenient storage tray as their plastic predecessor, and the same airtight, watertight, leakproof lids as our beloved SNAP food storage; however, the container is made with borosilicate glass—the hardworking, versatile glass found in our Glass Bakeware line.

Borosilicate glass is super durable, naturally BPA-free, and thermal-shock resistant. No thermal shock means the Baby Blocks can go from freezer to microwave without risk of shattering.

Product Designer Approved

We caught up with product designer-slash-mom-slash-former-OXOnian Kim Reed to get her feedback on the Baby Blocks. Kim was one of our home product testers and used the blocks when introducing her daughter Agnes to solids.

Here are some reasons why she fell in love with the glass blocks:

    • Ounce Markings: The ounce markings on the side are helpful when your child first starts out on solids so you know exactly how much food you’re feeding them.
    • Defrosting and Reheating: The glass is great for defrosting and reheating baby food. And because of the smooth, non-porous surface, there’s no risk of any errant smells making their way into the food. Pears will remain pears! The peas will stand alone!
    • Squeaky Clean: OXO designers paid particular attention to the cleanability (yes, that’s a word) of the blocks—the leak-proof lids and gasket (read: seal) come apart for easy cleaning. The blocks wash well and look brand new, even after repeated use.
    • Shatter-Proof: Even if you drop them, the lids stay on and the glass doesn’t break.
    • Perfect Size for Leftovers: I like saving small portions leftover from dinner for Agnes to try the next day. Sometimes it's meatloaf, sometimes chicken or potatoes. I'd like for her to start eating what we eat and think this is a good way to get there.
  • Anyone for Dessert? The Baby Blocks also make great vessels for "dirt cups.” Try layering chocolate pudding with crushed-up chocolate crackers and a gummy worm. Snap the lid on and you’re good to go (and your kids will love them).

Got any recipes or tips for making the transition to solids easier?

Photo by Mia Reade Baylor


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