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Great Parenting Resolutions to Make This Year

Great Parenting Resolutions to Make This Year

Words Lisa Milbrand

Instead of the same old tired New Year’s goals, make a few resolutions that you’ll actually enjoy doing—and that will make you a better parent, too.

There’s a reason why the typical New Year’s resolutions don’t stick—they’re usually not a lot of fun. So, this year, instead of setting goals that may set you up for failure (i.e. fitting back into your pre-baby jeans), make resolutions that you’ll love keeping.

1. Gift your child with experiences instead of things. Most kids end up with way too much of a good thing, and all those toys and books just add up to extra clutter that needs to be organized. (And besides—we all know that kids prefer playing with the boxes and wrappings to the actual gifts!) The solution: At gift-giving occasions, focus more on things to do than things to unwrap. Plan a zoo outing or a trip to a children’s museum for your little ones. As your kids get older, you can get even more creative—tickets to a ballet, rock concert or sporting event; a weekend camping trip; or even a big family vacation surprise. You and your child will remember these special events for years to come.

vegetable purees for babies

2. DIY a little more of your baby’s food. You’ll get several benefits out of making your baby’s food yourself. You’ll know exactly what’s going into what your baby eats, so you don’t have to worry about preservatives or other chemicals. Your baby will get used to eating the kinds of foods you like, as you can simply make extras of your sweet potatoes or carrots and puree them for your little one. (Just remember to take out your baby’s serving before you add any kicked-up spices!) And prepping your baby’s food might encourage you to eat a little healthier, since you’ll be cooking the same foods for you that you’d like your baby to eat.

Fortunately, there are some great products that can make sticking to these parenting goals a lot easier on you. A Food Masher makes quick work of turning your favorite dishes into baby-friendly foods, while the Baby Food Freezer Tray with Silicone Lid helps you cook once and store extras in the freezer for quick and easy meals.

3. Be bolder about taking your baby on the road. It can seem a whole lot easier to just stay home when your baby’s little—but what fun is that for you or your little one? Once you get the hang of getting out with a baby (and packing all the essentials so you’re always ready to go), you can start taking little adventures. Introduce your baby to the joys of eating out (you can stash her favorites in Glass Baby Blocks until she’s ready to expand her palate), take her on a hike or simply discover the wonders in your own neighborhood. The more practice you get at taking your baby out on the road, the easier it will be for you (and your baby) to go on adventures and enjoy an active life.

4. Go with the flow. One of the hardest parts of becoming a parent is realizing you can’t always have control over what happens. So, whether you’re dealing with a massive diaper blowout without a spare diaper or a tantrum toddler in Aisle 11, don’t panic. Take a deep breath, look for a good solution—whether it’s MacGyvering a diaper out of a scarf or letting your child rage for a few agonizing minutes—and remember that someday, you’ll laugh about these memories. (Even if it’s not today!)

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