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Holiday Mealtime: How to Feed Your Baby Adult Foods This Thanksgiving

Holiday Mealtime: How to Feed Your Baby Adult Foods This Thanksgiving

Words Rebecca Ulanoff

Whether you’re traveling for the holidays or making the big meal yourself, there’s no need to stress about what to feed the baby. With these handy tools, you can turn most of the festive dinner dishes into baby-friendly dishes your little one will love.

With the holidays fast approaching, you’ve likely got traveling or hosting on your mind. Although we’ve already tackled strategies for traveling with tots; if you have a baby starting or already eating solids, meal planning is one more thing to think about during this busy, stressful time of year.

Sure, you could schlep an electric baby food maker on your travels, or take up precious counter space with it—but those aren’t your only options. Our OXO Tot team designed two lo-fi, compact tools built to quickly turn grown-up food into a meal fit for a baby.

Our Food Masher is exactly what it sounds like — a tool that helps to make baby food easier. Sure, you say, but can’t I do that with a fork and a bowl? Well, technically yes, but not as quickly and easily as with this bad boy. Think of it like a petite molcajete (the implement used to make traditional tableside guacamole) only optimized to make homemade baby food in seconds.

Why Use It?

Simply put, it’s your best bet for homemade baby food away from home. The Food Masher’s head comes apart and fits inside the bowl with a lid = compact = yay! It makes 1-2 servings at a time—just right for feeding on the road.

The head also has teeth for squeegeeing every last bit of food from the bowl. Unlike other mashers, the head is hole-free, a good thing because mashers with holes in them can get super gross from trapped food (trust us on this).

What to Mash:

– Soft, fresh fruit: bananas, avocados, ripe pears

– Cooked plain fruit: apples, pears

– Cooked plain veggies: string beans, butternut squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli

– Holiday treats: plain canned pumpkin, chunky stuffing (without nuts), plain cranberry sauce

– Special holiday mash-up: roasted apple + pear + cranberry + cinnamon

If you want to upgrade your adult-food-to-baby-food game while on-the-go, get your hands on the Mash Maker Baby Food Mill. Think of it as a cute, hand-cranked food processor.

Why Use It?

Unlike other food mills just for wee ones, we designed ours so you can easily add liquids like breast milk, broth, regular milk or water directly into the mill to get the right consistency. What’s more, the base is built to catch inevitable spillage that comes with adding that liquid. Finally, you can feed your babe right from the mill. Easy peasy.

What to Puree:

All of the fruits and veggies you can mash in the Food Masher, plus:

– Chunky stuffing

– Turkey

– Ham

– Roast beef

– Chicken

– Fish

– Rice

– Special holiday mash-up: sweet potato, cauliflower and ricotta

However you choose to mash things up this holiday season, we hope it’s a delicious one. Plus, get our best ideas for the holiday kids table and great tips for navigating the holidays with a newborn.

By Rebecca Ulanoff

Rebecca Ulanoff is part of OXO’s Brand Communications Team. She enjoys talking about her next meal while eating her current one. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and four-year-old daughter.

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