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How to Make the Most of Family Time This Weekend

With the inevitable household chore or kiddo activity across town, it can often feel like the weekend is almost over before it’s even started. But with a little planning and forethought, there are some simple ways to prioritize and maximize your time together while still getting a few things accomplished (and maintaining your own sanity). Here’s what works for us.

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1. Add a Touch of Fun to Daily Necessities

There’s just no way around it: weekend or not, there are meals to eat and baths to take. But if you can carve out a little time to make daily necessities a bit more fun, weekends will surely stand out. A bath toy bin(Opens in a new window) helps keep toys close at hand (and dry after the bath is over!), making it easy (and handy) to play with your little one in the bath. And our son loves feeding himself with his fork and spoon(Opens in a new window), which frees me up to have a glass of wine and take care of a few things in the kitchen. Everyone wins!

2. Eat Outside

If it’s nice enough to have a meal outside, kids love impromptu picnics, and it often results in less mess and a little less stress for the adults in the household. Here in Seattle, it’s finally warm enough to break out our grill tools and dust off the outdoor chairs, so we’ve got big plans to share quite a few meals underneath the stars this season.

3. Try Something New

There’s a certain predictability to the week and if your family is anything like ours, a pretty tight schedule keeps things ticking along smoothly. So when the weekend comes around, exploring a town, neighborhood, or hike that’s new to us is a great way to mix things up.

4. Consolidate Your Errands

When the week gets busy, household errands always get relegated to weekends. To make the most of your time, try consolidating or clustering your errands by neighborhood, which will ultimately open up more time to spend with your crew at home – not in the car. Our stroller(Opens in a new window) has a ton of pockets and a great roomy basket underneath, so it easily doubles as a shopping cart for smaller trips to the hardware or grocery store.

5. Keep (Most of) Your Routine

It’s always tempting to eschew nap schedules or bedtimes on the weekends when fun opportunities arise, and we’re alright with that. We make exceptions. But on the whole, maintaining routines keeps our son on track which, ultimately, ensures everyone is having the best time when it all comes down to it.


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