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Parenting Tips: 5 Ways to Make Your Baby’s Holiday Memorable

Parenting Tips: 5 Ways to Make Your Baby’s Holiday Memorable

Words Megan Gordon

The holidays were big in my family and ritual and tradition were always important. So when we had our son last year, I knew I wanted to keep some of those traditions alive, but even more importantly, I wanted to create our own. Of course, time is scarce with a young baby and the holidays come and go in a blur, but there were a few things we found helpful that we’ll be sure to do again this year:


20161020_oxooctphotos-112Bring Baby to the Table

Last year our baby was just a month old during the holidays, so he was obviously too young to sit with us at the table during dinner, but I made a point to either wear him while at the table or set him in his swing close by. This year, we’re looking forward to using a booster seat to get him some prime real estate at the holiday table. Ensuring our son feels a part of the action during the holidays is important to us – and the older he gets, the more we hope he’ll remember these family meal times.


Cook Something Special

If you’re anything like us, it’s easy to get in mealtime ruts when it comes to baby dinner hour. But during the holidays, I like to make a point to cook something special that our son can share along with us – and hopefully will eventually come to remember and even request. I love pulling out his special plate so he can really see the different foods in front of him, and when he shows more of an interest in feeding himself, we’ll be giving him some utensils of his own.


Out and About

While it can sometimes feel like a logistical puzzle, and in the past I’ve definitely been tempted to call on a sitter, bringing our baby out and about to join us in the holiday festivities always ends up being something I’m glad for. Whether it’s a tree lighting ceremony or a neighborhood cookie exchange, I love watching his face as he experiences new things and meets new people. Giving him his own spoon and snack cup have been key in helping us avoid hunger-related meltdowns.


Remember Photos

It can be easy (and good!) to get caught up in the festivities of the holidays and forget to take many photos. That being said, I always long for a few photos to remember an occasion like a holiday or birthday, so my new strategy is to ask someone to help me snap a few photos. That person could be a relative or close friend—but this way, we’re sure to have at least a few to look back on to remember the occasion.

By Megan Gordon

Megan Gordon is a cookbook author, recipe developer, food blogger, and culinary educator. She is a freelance writer for OXO, and manages the content on her own site A Sweet Spoonful. Megan lives in Seattle with her toddler son Oliver and husband Sam.

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