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What to Pack for An All-Day Adventure

During the winter months, getting to spend the whole day outdoors is often a luxury. When the weather cooperates, we love to head out and explore our neighborhood, stop by our favorite coffee shop, and fit in a visit with a few friends. Now that our little guy is a toddler, we have a bit more flexibility in terms of leaving the house – but it still takes some planning and prep. Thankfully our stroller has a super roomy expandable basket underneath and easy-to-reach pockets, so we never have a problem squeezing in our go-to essentials, especially important for an all-day adventure.

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Entertainment is Key

I try to avoid kiddo boredom at all costs, bringing along toys and books for when we refuel at a café or make a pit-stop. A trick I’ve learned is to bring a few toys that may be at the bottom of the toy bin – the ones our son doesn’t see and play with everyday. That way, they’ll feel new and more interesting right off the bat.

Refueling at the Ready

It goes without saying that snacks and water are a must when heading out of the house. And if we’re gone much of the day, I’ll need to plan for a bottle eventually. A mini cooler is a great way to keep milk cold, or if you’re using formula, a formula dispenser(Opens in a new window) is super handy for easy bottle-making.

Plan for Weather Changes

Living in Seattle, I'm used to weather changing quickly: sun in the morning may yield to a downpour in the early afternoon. I always make sure to pack a rain jacket, sunglasses, and sunscreen, and I’ve become a pro at dressing my son (and myself) in layers.

Cleaning Up

Obviously when we leave the house, the diaper bag is the first thing I grab. But as many parents know, they can become a catch-all for all kinds of random stuff, so I always have a travel wipes dispenser(Opens in a new window) easily accessible in case we need a quick diaper change. And the stroller’s easy access pockets are great for bringing along a change of clothes: you just never know.

Prep for Impromptu Stops

The best part about an all-day adventure are the impromptu stops, so I always like to have a blanket or roomy towel with us for stops at the park or lake. And, of course, my phone. Our stroller has a little pocket right by the handle that fits my phone perfectly, making it easy to coordinate with my husband or friends to see if they’re free to meet up.

What essentials do you pack when heading out with the kiddos?


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