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How To Spring Clean Your Children's Room

How To Spring Clean Your Children's Room

Between clothing, toys, books and the rest of life, kids’ rooms can get a little out of hand over time.

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After tackling cleaning other rooms in your home, it's time to take on your kiddos’. Depending on their age, try to get them involved, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll find it fun and love being helpful.

Get Rid of Monsters in the Closet

Ease your kids’ nerves (but really yours) by straightening out that horrifying closet. Over time, clothing doesn’t always make it back on hangers and shoes become a giant pile on the ground.

Grab any articles of clothing that have made their way to the floor and a bunch of empty hangers. Bring them to the bed to rehang while sorting the shirts from the dresses from the pants. Once everything is matched up with a hanger, bring them back into the closet. Use hooks for any miscellaneous items such as tiny purses, jackets and belts; this will give them a clear home in the dark depths of the closet.

For the growing pile of shoes, see if your tot can get down with making it a game, finding the match and placing them neatly on the ground.

Drawer Organizer

Dress Up the Drawers and Changing Table

To make getting ready in the mornings easier, take time to organize the dresser. Pull out everything and place it on the bed. Fold clothing and sort by the type. Stick drawer dividers to help tame items - especially socks and underwear. If your kiddo is still in diapers, remember to clean the changing table and cover. Wipe down with top of the dresser and refill the wipes dispenser so you’re always prepared for what’s to come. Also, it helps to keep a laundry bin nearby so you can toss clothes in there mid change.

Tuck into Making Beds

Depending on their age, it might be a nice time to teach them how to make the bed. Remember, kids generally like tasks and love to feel helpful. Have them grab one of the corners of the fitted sheet or try folding a blankey together. Not all chores have to be stressful; it can be nice to show them how it’s done.

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Tidy Up the Toys

It can be astonishing how much stuff kids accumulate, and we get that it can be hard to stay on top of it all. Take the 30 minutes today to wrangle their toys (this is a good one to get them on board to try too), sorting stuffed animals from figurines and dolls from books from anything else they might have. Use a basket or bin to hold bigger toys and POP Containers for the tiny ones. Stick a label on the outside to get them thinking about sorting and staying tidy. What else would you add to your children's bedroom cleaning checklist? Share your spring cleaning progress on social media using #OXOBetter.


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