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Staff Picks: OXO Products We Can't Live Without As New Parents

A baby boom in the OXO office? In the span of five years, 25 babies were born to OXO’s (then) 50 employees. Discussions around the office soon shifted towards how we could make life easier for new parents. In typical OXO fashion, we set out to solve pet peeves by creating a line of thoughtful products that help parents guide, nurture, and care for their little ones—that’s how OXO Tot was born. We asked some parents in the office what Tot products they can't live without, and here's what they said.

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wipes dispenser_MG_7247

 1. Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser

“This was an essential part of my home. I had one in every room of the house. The one-handed opening was key when I was holding down a squiggly baby with the other hand. And the fact that it dispenses one wipe at a time is genius! I was so sick of pulling out a million wipes and then struggling to get just the one I needed (all while still holding a squiggly baby with my other hand).” —Amy G

“You can open this with an elbow or forearm when your hands are dirty.” —Mike C


 2. Sprout Chair

“I love the Sprout Chair because it has such a small footprint—it takes up practically no space in your home! It also blends in nicely with our home décor. It looks like a piece of furniture rather than a big, bulky high chair. It’s so clean and sleek and the adjustments are all very intuitive. It’s the only high chair I recommend these days.” —Amy G
baby blocks_MG_7242

 3. Baby Blocks

“I used the Baby Blocks (both 2oz and 4oz) when I was making homemade baby food, but used them even more after the puree stage was over. I actually still use these for so many different things now and my kids are 4.5 and 8 years old! I use them to pack fruit, veggies, and other snacks in their lunch boxes. I use them to store small portions of leftovers. I use them for portioning and for meals on the go. They're amazing!” —Amy G


 4. Nest Booster Seat

“The Nest Booster Seat is super easy to clean, and it brings big and little kids to the table with the rest of the family.” —Troy P


 5. Stroller Hook

“These hooks make quick trips to the grocery store much easier. They’re also great for helping older siblings cross the street safely.” —Troy P

 6. Roll-Up Bib and Spoon Set

“I was one of the earliest testers of this bib and was surprised by how much I loved it. The silicone pocket is nice, but for me it was the secure fit and great coverage—it's as though it were tailored to fit my daughter!” —Mike D

“I love how wipeable, durable, and portable the bib is, as well as the little catch pocket at the bottom that keeps food in the bib (and not on my kid's clothes). The spoon is perfectly sized for her hand and mouth and has made it easy for her to learn to feed herself.” —Francoise V


 7. On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser with Diaper Pouch

“I take this everywhere with me and it’s so convenient. The design is streamlined which makes it easy to take out of any bag, and the strap is great to attach to the outside of my backpack.” —Edward A

“I enjoy the portability and compactness of this. It's especially good when you no longer really use a diaper bag (i.e. when you have any kid but the firstborn).” —Francoise V


 8. Universal Stroller Cup Holder

“I love that it can hold both my large iced coffee and my daughter’s sippy cups.” —Edward A


9. On-the-Go Drying Rack with Bottle Brush

“This is one of the best products any new parent could have while traveling. Everything goes together so conveniently and compactly with no sacrifices to the quality and performance of the brush or rack when you need to use them.” —Mike D
silicone measuring cups_MG_7244

10. 3-Piece Squeeze & Pour Measuring Cup Set

“While it's not a Tot product, I la-la-la-la-love this set! My three-year-old Iris is, let's say, morally opposed to getting her hair washed. I use the 2 Cup for easy(ish) rinsing, and Iris uses the mini and 1 Cups for squeezing, pouring, and splashing her poor Mom.” —Rebecca U
What are some essentials you can’t live without? We’d love to know


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