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Why Moms Are Loving Their Air Strollers

Our newest stroller, Air, is soaring around the country with the help from moms and dads looking to make adventures with their little one a breeze. From exploring new cities to traveling with the entire family, we’re seeing kids sitting comfy (and sleeping soundly!) in their Air Stroller. We teamed up with the Sway Group to see where families are going with their Air.

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Rachael(Opens in a new window) took her two kids to Tampa for a few days, and had a smooth time running around the airport, especially since they could stroll right up to the gate. 


OXO Tot Air Stroller

After dropping off her older one at school, Liz (Opens in a new window)cherishes her one-on-one time with her three-year-old, who she takes around New York City. Her stroller requirements: "It couldn’t be anything bulky because I have so little storage space. Also, this thing needed to be lightweight, so I could pack it and the three-year-old up the five flights of stairs at our walk-up. BUT, on top of that it also needed to be sturdy since we use our strollers so much here in the city."





OXO Tot Air StrollerElisabeth(Opens in a new window) swears by her Air ever since she moved to Boston. The 11-lb-stroller makes walking down four flights of stairs to get out of her apartment an easy feat, not to mention the easy steering. "Maneuverability is key with busy sidewalks and I can easily drive one handed while I pull up directions on my phone or hand Adelaide a snack."






OXO Tot Air Stroller

For a successful toddler outing, Maggie (Opens in a new window)and her husband like a stroller that doesn’t take up much space in their trunk, but still provides some storage for snacks, diapers, toys and anything else their little one might need.




Eileen(Opens in a new window) makes her way around town with two kiddos, so she loves having the Air on hand when she’s running errands, especially since it fits easily in the trunk of her car and doesn't take up much space.


Air is McKenzie’s(Opens in a new window) go-to stroller for the holidays. She likes being able to throw the stroller over her shoulder when her little one wants to walk, but have the flexibility to quickly unfold it when he gets tired.


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