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The 2016 Kitchen Gadget O(XO)lympics

The 2016 Kitchen Gadget O(XO)lympics

Words Emily Connelly

Once every four years, we come together as both country and world to celebrate the fastest and toughest, the best-of-the-best, and watch them compete on a global stage. OXOnians are also a fiercely competitive bunch, dedicated to many of the same things that Olympic athletes are (efficiency, focus, and precision, to name a few), but there were surprisingly few events for engineering, product design, and speedy food prep at the Rio Olympics this year. So, we decided to host our own.

Welcome to the first ever OXOlympics: Faster. Tougher. Thoughtful-er.


Day One: Grape Cutting

The games kicked off with Brandon and Amalia going head to head in what was shaping up to be a great race. Their task was simple: quarter 12 grapes as quickly as possible. Brandon and his Grape Cutter took up an early lead and maintained it, while Amalia’s paring knife did not live up to its grape expectations.


Day Two: Apple Slicing

In the next competition, Rebecca and Veronica wanted to get a slice of the action. They raced to see who could divide four apples the fastest—though Rebecca has a three-year-old daughter and slices many an apple, her skills were overshadowed by the speed of Veronica’s Pop Out Apple Divider, leaving her with a loss, and Veronica with a gold(en delicious).


Day Three: Onion Chopping

The third day brought tears to our eyes (literally). Lindsay and Dan diced onions and, once again, Lindsay’s knife skills were no match for the Vegetable Chopper.


Day Four: Cherry Pitting

We then pitted two OXOnians, Amy and Julie, against each other in the Cherry Pitting Challenge: they were each told to pit ten cherries. While Julie was given the Cherry Pitter, Amy had to pit her cherries using a Pro Knife. The results were… uh, smashing.


Day Five: Pineapple Slicing

For the final event, our valiant competitors were given a pineapple and, in Laura’s case, a knife, and in Patrick’s case, the Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer, and were challenged to create pineapple rings. While the race started off close, it soon became clear who was going to ring in the victory.


The Closing Ceremony

The first ever OXOlympics were a success. We are very proud of all of our contestants, but when it comes down to speed and precision, from Grape Cutting to Pineapple Slicing, we think the performance enhancement provided by OXO products speaks for itself.

By Emily Connelly

Emily Connelly is part of OXO's Brand Communications team. She enjoys running, backpacking, dad jokes, and Bruce Springsteen. She once broke her wrist falling out of a doorjamb.

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