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OXO’s 2019 Year in Review
Behind the Scenes year in review

OXO’s 2019 Year in Review

2019 was another busy year for us at OXO. We launched over 50 new products, including new prep peelers, sharp graters (with a detachable zester for quick zesting tasks) and even a bathtub for your little ones. 

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We also kept busy with a few other fun projects. We learned how to roast every kind of vegetable, take the temperature of meat and breakdown a butternut squash in minutes

Here’s a look at more of what we did this year:

BehindPOPDesign SmallImage X Copy

Remember all of the excitement around new sizes and shapes for our POP Containers? Well, to make sure they have an airtight seal and make that great “pop” noise with every open and close, we cycle tested the lids 100,000 times.

In   Citrus JuicerIn   Citrus Juicer
In Citrus Juicer

We also launched a 2-in-1 Citrus Juicer. We juiced quite a few oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes of varying sizes -- 400 lbs of citrus to be exact. That meant lots of sour lemony-orange juice for the office!

TechCleaning  Carousel  STEP     XTechCleaning  Carousel  STEP     X
TechCleaning Carousel STEP X

Every OXO employee’s computer screen and keyboard looked sparkling clean this year, thanks to testing our Sweep & Swipe Laptop Cleaner. In addition to testing every employee’s computer, we also ran a cycle test on the up/down button 10,000 times because we want to make sure your computer screens look just as clean as ours every day for the next 20-something years. 

Infant TubInfant Tub
Infant Tub

Whether your little one is terrified of bathtime or not, we wanted to make sure you have nothing to worry about when you open and collapse the Splash & Store Bathtub, so we made sure to collapse it over 2,000 times for you.

2020, we’re ready to solve more problems, create more solutions and make your everyday better, #OXOBetter.


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