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25 OXO Tools the Reviewers at Wirecutter Love

25 OXO Tools the Reviewers at Wirecutter Love

The reviewers at Wirecutter are longtime fans of OXO products. Check out some of their favorite tools, from coffee makers to cooking and cleaning must-haves.

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You want the tools you use for cooking, cleaning, entertaining and other household tasks to be reliable, easy to understand, and durable. That goes for everything from the coffee maker that brews your morning cup, to the corkscrew that opens your dinner-party wines, to the brush you use to clean your baby’s bottles. We take pride in excelling at exactly these kinds of things—and you don’t even have to take our word for it. The pros at Wirecutter, the New York Times-owned product review site, have a long list of the best OXO products they adore(Opens in a new window). Read on for their top picks—and some of our favorites too—then stock up on expert-approved essentials that’ll make your every day a little easier.

Peelers, choppers and spoons

Kitchen Tools

Carving and Cutting Board

Whether you’re stuffing a turkey or slicing up steaks, this double-sided cutting board is spacious and sturdy. Wirecutter is impressed(Opens in a new window) by how well the drip catcher captures juices, and how effectively the non-slip feet keep the board in place. They also like the board’s resistance to warping, staining and soaking up odors.

Pro Swivel Peeler

Made from die-cast zinc with a durable stainless steel blade, this peeler also has an eyer to remove odd spots and blemishes. Wirecutter loves(Opens in a new window) how sharp the blade stays over time; they also give it points for its comfortable handle and ease with trickier foods (parmesan, lemon peel).

Salad Spinner and Steel Salad Spinner

These spinners, a Wirecutter top pick since 2014(Opens in a new window), are also wedding registry favorites, with a basket that doubles as a colander and a built-in brake button that might become your new favorite toy. Wirecutter is a fan of the spinner’s stability and how easy it is to use, clean and store. The glass salad spinner is lovely enough to earn a place on the dining table; just remove the colander and serve greens in the glass bowl.

Spiralizer and Handheld Spiralizer

Make veggie noodles, curly fries and bartender-worthy garnishes with these cool tools. Wirecutter appreciates(Opens in a new window) the spiralizer’s three different-sized, sharp blades and the suction cup base that holds the spiralizer steady on countertops; they like the handheld version because it cuts long, strong noodles and is easy to clean.

4-Cup Fat Separator

Great for gravies, soups and sauces, this tool ranks among Wirecutter’s “Best Thanksgiving Kitchen Tools and Tableware.”(Opens in a new window) The reviewers found it to be one of the best at separating out unwanted fats and other tidbits from juices, thanks to its deep strainer.

Large Silicone Basting Brush

Every good grill deserves a basting brush that satisfyingly slathers your food in sauce and keeps your hand a safe distance away. Wirecutter found(Opens in a new window) that this brush does both, because of unique features like its two layers of flexible bristles and its long, curved handle.

3-Quart Glass Baking Dish With Lid and 9-Inch Glass Pie Plate With Lid

Head off to potlucks and picnics with these two easy-to-transport dishes. Their borosilicate glass construction stands up to big temperature changes (like going from the freezer to the oven), and both come with lids. Wirecutter likes(Opens in a new window) the baking dish’s wide, easy-to-grip handles. The site’s reviewers also praise(Opens in a new window) the pie plate’s 2-inch depth (deeper than many), evenly baked crusts (crisp and not-too-brown) and wide rim (with room to make decorative touches like fluting).

11-Inch Balloon Whisk

Merrily you whisk along with this kitchen staple, which Wirecutter loves(Opens in a new window) for its lightweight feel, comfortable handle, and quick whipping of everything from egg whites to heavy cream.

Registry BlogImages Registry   Coffee LargeImage     X

Coffee Hour

Conical Burr Grinder

Coffee aficionados know that a fresh grind goes a long way towards making an especially delicious cup of coffee. This grinder—which forces beans through cone-shaped, grooved surfaces called burrs—is Wirecutter’s Budget Pick(Opens in a new window) because of its $99.99 price tag, its even grinding and the user-friendly features like a timer and 15 grind-size settings.

9-Cup Coffee Maker

This appliance wins Wirecutter’s (Opens in a new window)Best Drip Coffee Maker(Opens in a new window) category, garnering high praise for its automatic setting, reliably tasty brewing and thermal carafe that keeps hot coffee hot.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Because some like it cold. OXO’s Cold Brew Makers serve up iced coffee that’s smooth and flavorful, not bitter. Wirecutter also likes(Opens in a new window) how easy these makers are to assemble. The compact maker is perfect for kitchens short on countertop space.

At the Bar

Steel Cocktail Strainer

Pour out the perfect drink with nary a drip or puddle in sight, courtesy of this strainer’s clever raised-lip design. Wirecutter appreciates(Opens in a new window) how snugly it fits inside a shaker, keeping ice and other ingredients from sneaking past.

Steel Double Jigger and Mini Angled Measuring Cup

Measure while you’re mixing with these Wirecutter favorites(Opens in a new window). The reviewers liked the easy-to-read measurement markings and durability, and also praised the measuring cup for its clean pours.

CozyBabyNursery LargeImage     X

Tools for Baby Things

Bottle Brush With Stand

Getting a baby bottle truly clean is not as easy as it seems—which is why a good bottle brush is so important. This one has two types of bristles, so you can go gentle or vigorous with your scrubbing. Wirecutter likes(Opens in a new window) how easily the brush fits into narrow bottle openings, and points out that unlike other bottle brushes, this one comes with tools to clean the bottle-nipple tips.

PerfectPull Wipes Dispenser

Herding cats, or getting a clean diaper on a wiggly baby: Pretty much the same difficulty level. Luckily, you only need one hand to grab wipes out of this dispenser, something that Wirecutter adores(Opens in a new window); the design features a weighted plate that releases only one wipe at a time.

Cleaning and Organizing Tools


Wirecutter ranks this Not-So-Lazy Susan Turntable on its list of “Best Ways to Create More Space in a Small Kitchen,”(Opens in a new window) citing the size options (an 11-inch and 16-inch version) and the non-slip base. Use these on countertops, pantry shelves, cupboards or even in the refrigerator.

Bottle Brush and Dish Brush

If you wash dishes often (and who doesn’t?), you’ll reach for these two tools regularly, given how effective they are at scrubbing out everything from stubborn pan residue to stained wine glasses and narrow bottle openings. Because of these skills, Wirecutter included the brushes among the top 10 “Cheap, Unexpected Kitchen Essentials We Rely On.”(Opens in a new window)

Compact Toilet Brush and Canister

A toilet brush is the household’s unsung and indispensable hero, and Wirecutter loves this one(Opens in a new window) for its top-notch cleaning ability. The brush has two kinds of bristles and replaceable heads, and it magically vanishes inside the canister when you’re done.

3-Tier Shower Caddy

Soap, razor, shampoo, bubble bath…get all your shower stuff organized in one place. This caddy, which comes with a range of hooks and trays, is made from rust-proof aluminum. Wirecutter likes(Opens in a new window) its stability, durability and how easy it is to install, hooking gracefully over a showerhead and holding fast to the wall with suction cups.

Now that you know which of our household tools the experts love most, shop our favorite wedding registry, baby shower and gift guide picks too.


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