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How & Why We Designed the Grape Cutter

How & Why We Designed the Grape Cutter

Does your little one love grapes but you’re nervous about the choking hazard? Enter the OXO Tot Grape Cutter for safely slicing grapes into quarters.

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You might be thinking, I can cut my own darn grapes, thank you very much, but as any parent will tell you, it becomes a very tedious task when your hangry toddlers are consuming 30-40 grapes a day. So OXO Tot wanted to create a solution,

The Design

Our Grape Cutter was invented by a dad who was tired of cutting endless stacks of grapes for his son. Grapes are one of the leading choking hazards for children, so we felt especially compelled to create a tool to help parents slice grapes efficiently and safely. (Fun fact: the original name for this product was the “Grape Ninja” since you can use it to cut 50 grapes in under one minute!)

Since grapes are round and small, they’re wobbly and hard to cut with a knife. Plus, it’s important to cut them into quarters, not just halves, since the halves can still block a child’s windpipe. Some schools even require parents to cut their kids’ grapes when packing lunches.

Grape Cutter Exploded Parts

We went through several different blade edge iterations, ultimately deciding on a serrated blade that pierces the grape skin instead of “popping” it. You know the popping effect that happens when cutting into a tomato with a dull knife? We didn’t want that to happen, so we designed a blade that’s sharp enough to cut through a grape swiftly and easily. (Note: this tool is sharp; it’s definitely meant for adults, not kids.)

Product Testing

Measuring Grape

The product development team went to several fruit carts and grocery stores around New York City, measuring the smallest and largest grapes to ensure our Grape Cutter worked on a range of grape sizes and varieties. They probably cut over 1,500 grapes during the product development stage. Mostly the standard red and green grapes, but also some less popular varieties, too.

Although the Grape Cutter is designed primarily for grapes, we also like using it on pitted olives and grape tomatoes. Looking for other tools to making meal prep for your little ones easier? Check out our other feeding gear.  


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