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12 Clever Uses for Everyday Household Items

12 Clever Uses for Everyday Household Items

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Over the years, many people have told us how they’re using OXO products in alternative and unusual ways—ways we didn’t originally intend the products to be used for—but we absolutely love the creativity. Here are some of our favorite out of the ordinary ways people use their products.

Share how you’re using OXO using #OXObetter. Here are some of our favorites:

Baby Blocks to Store Vitamins, Pills, Spices, Etc.

Throw your multivitamins or pills into these little plastic blocks for easy storage in your purse, nightstand, or medicine cabinet. They can also be used to store beads or spices, like peppercorns and cloves.

Meat Shredding Claw as a Back Scratcher

Got an itch? Apparently some people grab their meat claws to help scratch those tough-to-reach spots. Be careful though, these claws are pretty darn sharp.

Tongs as a Grabber of Things on Shelves

Especially among the shorter crowd, our tongs can come in handy when you just can’t reach that thing way up there on the shelf.

Box Grater as an Earring Holder

We love this idea of hanging dangly earrings on a box grater. Plus, the container at the bottom of the grater doubles as storage for earring backs. Get more genius ideas for using your grater.

Bag Clips as Hair Clips

Walking down the street, we’ve spotted our bag clips in people’s hair. Tres chic and fashion-forward.

Silicone Measuring Cup for Watering Succulents

We’ve heard from people with green thumbs that when watering succulents, it’s all about having a precise, steady pour, and this flexible cup allows for that exact control.

Salad Spinner to Dry Delicates

We haven’t tested this one out ourselves, but apparently some people dry their delicates in our salad spinner. I guess you could say we’ve come full circle since people used to use their washing machine spin cycle to dry lettuce.  

Make Tie-Dye Cookies With Your Salad Spinner

Make fun and festive cookies with your kids by using your salad spinner to turn plain old sugar cookies into colorful, tie-dye masterpieces with these step-by-step instructions. Plus, get more creative ideas for using your salad spinner, like washing and drying kids toys.

Mini Measuring Beakers to Measure Kids’ Medicine

When you inevitably lose the measuring cup top that comes with your child’s liquid medicine, this set—which includes 1-tsp, 1-Tbsp, 1-oz and 2-oz beakers—sure comes in handy for tinier pours.  

Pancake Turner to Find a Mini Octopus

Yes, you read that correctly—it has been done! See for yourself in this video (at 2:50). Note: we haven’t tested this out, but we are planning to…eventually. On the flip side, you can also use your pancake turner to make octopus shaped pancakes.

POP Containers for Storing Nails and Screws

POP containers aren’t just great for organizing your pantry—they’re also great for storing small hardware pieces in your garage, plus paint brushes, batteries, chargers, and any other smaller things you want to keep dirt-free. Plus, check out more creative uses for POP containers.

Silicone Baking Cups for Bathroom and Desk Storage

Go beyond the oven with versatile silicone baking cups. These flexible cups are perfect for corralling small things like hair ties or cotton balls in your bathroom, or for push pins and paper clips in your home office. Plus, get more unique ideas for uses silicone baking cups.

What other ways have you used your OXO products? We’d love to know! Plus, check out these 10 Unexpected Things to Make in Your Muffin Tin and 5 Things You Can Do With an Apple Divider.

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