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The Story Behind OXO’s Engineering Library

The Story Behind OXO’s Engineering Library

Words Valerie Liston

Behind each OXO product is an engineer (or seven) working diligently on every detail, tinkering and testing until they solve every problem and the product meets our standards. We have a network of engineers across our product teams who are always looking to each other for inspiration and insight. But as our ever-growing product collection expanded, we realized we needed a more concrete internal resource. So, a few engineers got together to create the OXO Engineering Library.

Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty

No Ordinary Library

The OXO Engineering Library isn’t one you need a library card for — in fact, there are no books here at all. This is a library of parts, from general samples like silicone valves and material swatches, to product-specific parts like a measurement marking guide for our Strive Elevate bottle. The engineers have unrestricted access to these (very organized) materials so they can brainstorm and problem-solve whenever the mood strikes.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

It took our engineers Becca and Zak six months of collecting parts from fellow engineers, creating a catalog, shelving bins, and labeling each part. Inspired by real libraries, they used a process not unlike the Dewey Decimal System to organize everything by category. Even though they already have 269 parts (269!), it’s an ever-growing system that’s built to accommodate as many new assets as necessary.

This library will help OXO engineers old and new find answers to questions as they develop new products. They can learn from past projects quickly and easily in order to efficiently create new and exciting OXO tools for you to use.

Joint Effort

We asked Becca and Zak about their favorite parts they’ve logged in the library. “Rotating metal elbow joint,” was the answer. “It defies your expectations about what will happen when you turn it,” said Becca, who excitedly shared this video with us:

Pretty cool, right? We have no idea what it could be used for—but that’s why we have engineers!

So, the next time you pick up your favorite OXO tool, know that it started from a bunch of parts and pieces neatly organized in this library.

By Valerie Liston

Valerie Liston is part of OXO's Brand Communications team. She is a Bostonian by blood, a New Yorker by choice, a writer, a lover of stories, a self-proclaimed nerd, and a Hufflepuff.

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