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Happy Halloween from OXO!

Happy Halloween from OXO!

Words Emily Connelly

OXOnians are great at designing innovative tools and gadgets, and when it comes to Halloween, we’re just as creative (see also: the time one of us dressed up as our iconic Salad Spinner). Over the years, OXO Halloween has become the stuff of legend, complete with OXOnian’s little ones coming in costume to trick-or-treat and a (highly competitive) company-wide pumpkin carving contest. Check out these photos from our Halloween party, and tell us about your own Halloween traditions!


Left: An OXO pumpkin carving team stencils on their gourd. Center: Welcome to OXOrassic Park! Right: An iconic product and an iconic costume.


Left: No filter necessary! Kirstin, Elizabeth and Diana dressed up as Snapchat filters. Middle: The photo team begins their pumpkin. Right: Office Assistant Jeffrey? Or creepy lurking llama?


This year’s OXO Pumpkin Carving Contest included an alien, as well as a few political pumpkins!


And these three pumpkins all came full of bribes for the contest judges – jello shots, buffalo dip, and ice cold beers!

By Emily Connelly

Emily Connelly is part of OXO's Brand Communications team. She enjoys running, backpacking, dad jokes, and Bruce Springsteen. She once broke her wrist falling out of a doorjamb.

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