A Message about 1% for the Planet from OXO President Larry Witt

Giving back starts at home. Learn how we're committing to make everyday better for the planet — the home we all share.

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To our OXO family,

At OXO, we strive to make the everyday better, every day. For the last 30 years, we’ve applied that ethos to improve life every day around the home with thoughtfully designed products that make everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning and organizing simpler and easier — in a word, better.

In many ways, home
has always been the center of OXO’s world. These days, home is more important
than ever.

We also think a
lot about the home we all share — the planet.

To this end, we’re
partnering with 1% For the Planet, a global community of brands giving back to
environmental nonprofits that drive positive impact. 

With this
partnership, we’re committed to donating 1% of our annual sales to a thoughtfully
selected group of nonprofits that champion environmental causes. We’re
providing millions of dollars each year in funding and resources to these groups,
which focus on one or more of three key areas:

  • Supporting
    better, more sustainable food systems.
  • Championing
    environmental issues that promote cleaner
    air, land and water.
  • Funding environmental education, providing access and opportunity for future
    generations to become environmental advocates and continue to affect positive

At home, there’s
always work to be done, and that’s how we’re approaching our own environmental
impact. Beyond giving to groups doing good for the planet, we’re investigating
all facets of our business through a more environmentally responsible lens and challenging
ourselves to take action.

We’re grateful for
our past 30 years, and for the role you’ve allowed us to play in your home.
We’re looking forward to making the everyday better for decades to come — for
the home, and for our planet — the home we all share. We hope that you’ll join
us on this important journey.

Thank you,

Larry Witt, President of OXO

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