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Halloween Costume Inspiration Using OXO Products

Halloween Costume Inspiration Using OXO Products

Words Valerie Liston

When our Meat Shredding Claws were in development, every time someone in the OXO office got their paws on a pair, they would inevitably hold them up and growl like a bear. This led us to joking about how great they would be as part of a bear Halloween costume. Which got us thinking about other OXO products that might actually be great for costumes!


Custom Costumes

Each of these ideas will require a little creative crafting, but if you stick to tape, none of them will ruin your OXO product, so you’ll still be able to use them for their intended purpose come November 1st (after a good wash, of course). That said, if you want to hot glue one of our tools to your costume and buy a second one to replace it, we’re not going to stop you.


OXO Products as Hats & Headgear

Colanders make great hats in a pinch! Weave colorful pipe cleaners through the Stainless Steel Colander to act as “wires” to top off a robot or mad scientist costume. Or use our classic Colander and loop some yellow yarn through the holes so that hangs down around your face, making it look like someone dumped pasta on your head. (And start warning people that the forecast is “cloudy with a chance of meatballs.”)

The Funnel Set can also serve as headgear – just cover it with tinfoil and use a little tape and tinfoil-covered twine to make a chinstrap and you’ll have a Tinman costume faster than you can click your heels together three times.


OXO Products as Magic Wands & More

A lot of our products make great props, and not just for Julia Child costumes. It requires thinking outside the box (and the kitchen), but here are a few ideas to get you started.
For little ones, a Twisting Tea Ball would be a cute magic wand. If you’re feeling brave, you can even fill it with glitter, so sparkles fall from the ball with every bippity boppity boo. Just make sure you’re outside for that part, or that you have a fairy godmother to clean up the aftermath. With a little construction paper, our Bottle Brush or Dish Wand would also serve as a magic wand, or even a royal scepter.

If you’re dressing as Big Bird, put a stuffed Oscar the Grouch in our Compost Bin and carry it around for scale. It will make you look truly big; and will make Oscar a little more environmentally friendly (the only kind of friendly he’d be okay with).

With a little artistic ability (and I literally mean a little…all you’d have to do is draw and cut out a clock face), the 11″ Turntable can quickly become the White Rabbit’s giant pocket watch. Why a Turntable instead of just a plate? With the Turntable, you can make the face of the clock spin around, because the White Rabbit is always late and time doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to in Wonderland.

And last but not least (OK maybe least but definitely funniest), you could dress as a witch and carry around our Hand Rake in the open position and tell people it’s your travel broom that shrinks to a very portable size when it’s not in use.


Tools & Tips for Costume-Making

Here are some tools that could come in handy while making homemade costumes, even if the product itself doesn’t end up as part of the costume.

If you’re adding glitter to a Halloween costume, or any other craft, our Salt Shaker will do the trick (and is a treat). You can use it like a classic shaker from the holes in the top for a light dusting, or use the pour spout to dump glitter onto some glue. And the top of the shaker twists off to reveal a wide opening, so you can dump the excess right back in and start again.

The Kitchen and Herb Scissors and Twine Dispenser are also indispensable tools (pun intended) when you have your creative hat on. The scissors will easily cut through paper, felt, t-shirt material, or just about anything else that might need snipping while costume-making or creepy crafting.

Also don’t forget to grab some POP Jars for storing your candy after trick-or-treating!

We’d love to hear your creative costume ideas!

By Valerie Liston

Valerie Liston is part of OXO's Brand Communications team. She is a Bostonian by blood, a New Yorker by choice, a writer, a lover of stories, a self-proclaimed nerd, and a Hufflepuff.

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