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Behind the Design: OXO's New Prep Peelers

At OXO, we’re driven by a restless curiosity and quest to make things better. This curiosity recently brought us back to where it all started: peelers.

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One of the very first OXO products was the Swivel Peeler, which was created to give people a better experience in the kitchen. The soft, non-slip handle and sharp blade make quick -- and comfortable -- work for all hands. Our iconic peeler was created to give people a better experience in the kitchen for all hands and all types of cooks. The non-slip handle and sharp blade make quick -- and comfortable -- work for all hands.

This month we’re launching seven new peelers. We took our Y-Peeler (a shape loved by many chefs and at-home cooks) and made some changes. We’re also adding a few specialty prep peelers into the family to cover all of your needs.


The Design

This line of peelers was designed with maneuverability in mind. While observing people in the kitchen and how they interact with their peelers we noticed they choke up on the handle, holding closer to the blade as they peel away the skin of fruit and vegetables. We decided to make things easier and more comfortable, so we extended the non-slip grip up and around the sides of the peeler. This way no slippery hands get in the way of peeling.

We also wanted this peeler to work for everyone. It doesn’t require a tight grip or a lot of force, instead, it glides through the produce effortlessly.

Like all of our other peelers, we chose Japanese stainless steel for the blades. This means we get high edge quality without any rusting. Plus, they can go in the dishwasher because of that durable steel.

Lastly, we wanted to make these peelers fit in any kitchen, so we made them smaller than our other peelers. The compact size fits in any drawer and the pop of color will keep them from getting lost.

We went a step further to find a solution for every type of user. Meet the four specialty prep peelers:


Citrus Prep Peeler & Zester

Making cocktail or cooking with citrus? The Citrus Peeler’s straight blade cuts pith-free peels - no bitter notes in your cocktails! The back of the blade features a zester for thin strips of citrus to add to baked goods or used as garnish.


Meet the Team


While our family of peelers has grown, we still have the same reliable y-peeler, serrated and julienne:

  • Prep Y-Peeler: is our all-purpose one. Its sharp blade glides through any produce (think: potatoes, apples, cucumbers, etc.) and the built-in eyer removes any unwanted blemishes
  • Serrated Prep Peeler: is the one for trickier jobs that call for a delicate touch likes kiwi, peaches and tomatoes, this peeler helps to remove that thin skin.
  • Julienne Prep Peeler: Create consistent strips of carrots, zucchini and even papaya, the julienne peeler will give you an impressive cut great for salads, stir-fries and zoodles.

Corn Prep Peeler

Removing corn from the cob with a knife can be challenging (and dangerous!). The rounded blade on this peeler removes multiple rows of kernels from the cob in a quick, simple motion. The blade is perfectly angled to get the most amount of corn with each peel.


Large Vegetable Prep Peeler

Designed for peeling large, thick-skinned vegetables like butternut squash and eggplant, this peeler’s blade gives a deeper cut than your average peeler so it can really get the whole peel off of thicker-skinned vegetables. It can even make vegetable strips of vegetable –  great for a lasagna.


Asparagus Prep Peeler

The carefully designed blade on the Asparagus Peeler removes the woody peel from stalks so you  get more asparagus with less waste. The curve of the blade follows the shape of any size asparagus to ensure consistent depth of cut.

Our Favorite Part

We spoke to the engineer behind the peelers, Mack, and he shared what he’s most excited about: “Using the Large Prep Peeler on cabbage –  it makes shredded cabbage for slaw so quickly and you don’t have to take out a mandoline.”

For more behind the design of products, check out the Behind the Scenes section of the blog.


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