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Meet Rodale Institute CEO Jeff Moyer

Rodale Institute is one of our first 1% for the Planet nonprofit partners.

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We sat down with their CEO, Jeff Moyer, to learn more about their organization, what inspires them and what we’ll accomplish together:

What year was your organization founded?

Rodale Institute was founded in 1947, originally as the Soil and Health Foundation. The current site for our Main Campus/ Research & Education facility near Kutztown, Pennsylvania was purchased in 1971 and named Rodale Institute.

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What is one of the proudest achievements of your organization?

One of our proudest achievements is the widespread use of the terms organic and regenerative organic as it pertains to food and fiber production. Our founder’s son, Bob Rodale, coined the term “regenerative agriculture,” a method of farming that has recently gained in popularity as consumers, farmers, and businesses realize the positive impact that regenerative systems can have on the health of soils, people, communities, the  climate, and the environment.

What’s one thing you’d like the OXO community to know about your organization?

That we are dedicated to growing the organic and regenerative organic movements through science-based impactful programs and projects. Programs like our Organic Crop Consulting service engage farmers where they are, going to their farms and helping them transition to regenerative and organic practices in order to help the planet, protect their families, and become more profitable. Through programs like our organic no-till research and education initiatives that facilitate improved soil health, Rodale Institute is committed to healing people and the planet.

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What keeps you and your staff inspired every day?

The knowledge that we’re healing people and the planet by improving the health of our soil. Putting science behind organic agriculture, training a new generation of organic farmers, and helping consumers understand the benefits of a regenerative food system are all ways to move the needle towards a world in which chemical-free, nutritious food is the norm—not the exception.

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What will OXO’s grant empower your organization to do?

OXO’s grant will empower us to work with farmers in the Midwest, one of our country’s major agricultural hubs, to transition to organic through the Rodale Institute Midwest Organic Center in Marion, IA. Iowa ranked fifth in the nation for number of certified organic farms in 2016. Yet the region lacks truly progressive, widespread access to research and training in regenerative organic practices, and OXO’s grant helps us provide that to grow the organic movement.

What’s one book/article/podcast you’d recommend to someone looking to learn more about your cause?

I would recommend a film: Biggest Little Farm(Opens in a new window). This film tells the story of a couple taking the regenerative organic journey on their farm and shows the promise of a future in which we all work together to build a better, healthier food system.

What’s one thing the OXO community can do to support your cause?

The OXO community can go to and view our webinars, download our resources, and learn more about what organic truly means. And of course, buy organic whenever you can!

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