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Staff Picks: What We’re Getting Mom on Mother’s Day

Parents have tough jobs. We know it - we’ve studied and dedicated ourselves to making their lives better every day by solving challenges they face: Wrestling with a stroller while holding a squirming baby. Cleaning the nooks and crannies of sippy cups. Making and storing baby food. Needless to say, we’re big fans of celebrating Mother’s Day to honor and show appreciation for all the moms out there. We spoke to OXOnians, some moms, some not, to find out how they celebrate Mother’s Day and to get ideas for what to do for mom.

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Unanimously every OXO mom agrees that some alone time is what they really want on Mother’s Day. Time to sleep, time to read, time to see friends and time to exercise. However, if you also want to give a gift, here are some of our Mother’s Day traditions:

“We have a family tradition of gifting potted hanging flowers on Mother’s Day. I also love getting breakfast in bed (made easy and safe for my daughter to make in the microwave(Opens in a new window) ).” - Benat, Senior Product Manager, Baking Team

“My mom used to always make me clean and organize my closet on Mother’s Day. Needless to say it’s not my favorite holiday.”  - Zoe, Marketing Assistant, Tools and Gadgets Team


“Last year I lined a POP Container(Opens in a new window) with craft paper that had a cute print on it. I filled the container with spa stuff, like nail polish, face masks and a candle for my mom. She loved it - especially because she could use the container afterwards.” - Brittany, Product Manager, Baking Team

“Every year we go the Central Park Zoo for Mother’s Day. My mom takes it VERY seriously.” - Brandon, Marketing Assistant, Tot Team

“My mom always says she doesn’t want any gifts, and only wants to ‘spend time with her precious children,’ but we all know she wants to be pampered for the day. We end up making a big deal out of it and make her favorite cranberry-orange bread for breakfast, take her to the spa, go on a food tour, go to the vineyards, then end the day with my grandma for a celebratory dinner.” - Julie, Coordinator, Sales

“Every Mother’s Day my dad, sister and I make an elaborate Mother’s Day spread for brunch at home for my mom.” - Veronica, Manager, Brand Communications

What do you do for Mother’s Day?


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