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OXO Gadget Games: A Produce Prepping Competition

We pit our fruit tools against everyday kitchen gear for a produce prepping competition. See which tool prevails.

1 min read

Game 1

The challenge: first to halve, score and scoop a mango wins.

The Mango Slicer with Scoop slices, scores and scoops in (almost) one fell swoop. To ensure this slicer was a cut above, we tested in on over 50 pounds of mangos. Then we snacked. Need snack inspiration? We like using the mango chunks in Taiwanese Mango Shaved Ice.

Game 2

The challenge: first to pit 18 cherries wins

The Quick-Release Multi Cherry Pitter pits six cherries at once. A built-in catcher collects up to 75 pits at a time. We pitted approximately 24,000 cherries to tests this tool's mettle. If you're asking yourself what to do with all those cherries, try making Homemade Maraschino Cocktail Cherries.

Game 3

The challenge: first to hull 10 strawberries wins

The Strawberry Huller makes quick work of hulls, thanks to its sharp stainless steel tines. We hulled 1,000+ strawberries to make sure this tool could handle any job. Once you've got perfectly hulled strawberries, use them for Strawberry Shortcake.


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