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Meet The Trust for Public Land President and CEO Diane Regas

Meet The Trust for Public Land President and CEO Diane Regas

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The Trust for Public Land is one of our first 1% for the Planet nonprofit partners.

We sat down with their President and CEO, Diane Regas, to learn more about their organization, what inspires them and what we’ll accomplish together:

What year was your organization founded?



What is one of the proudest achievements of your organization?

Nine million people live within a 10 Minute Walk® of parks we’ve created with local communities, and tens of millions of people every year get outside on trails, nature areas and parks we have made happen.


What’s one thing you’d like the OXO community to know about your organization?

We are committed to creating parks and protecting land, ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come.

What keeps you and your staff inspired every day?

The current crises in our country have increased the reliance on parks and open space. Every day, my team and I are driven to bring the power of parks and public land to everyone, giving all communities equal access to a healthier and more resilient future.

the trust for public land

What will OXO’s grant empower your organization to do?

The grant from OXO will help transform a public schoolyard in Queens, New York into a living green schoolyard. It will provide a safe outdoor space to support a positive school climate, creates new amenities—like an urban garden—for outdoor learning and nature-based education, and creates a sense of cohesion around a shared public space.

What’s one book/article/podcast you’d recommend to someone looking to learn more about your cause?

There are so many. If I had to choose just one, one of my personal favorites is the book “The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative” by Florence Williams.

What’s one thing the OXO community can do to support your cause?

Join The Trust for Public Land in making our vision of creating a park within a 10 Minute Walk of every person in America a reality.

Learn more about our other 1% for the Planet nonprofit partners.

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