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How We Designed the Twist & Pour Salad Dressing Mixer
Behind the Scenes

How We Designed the Twist & Pour Salad Dressing Mixer

“Eat more salad” is one of those aspirations that sounds nice in theory but how realistic is it (especially when you lose the motivation to add fun exciting ingredients every time)? We designed our new Twist and Pour Salad Dressing Mixer so you could easily whip up fresh, flavorful dressings that keep your salads interesting.

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The propeller-esque shape of the mixing blade inside the bottle is bi-directional, so you can effectively mix through oils and vinegars as well as thicker ingredients (mustard, mayonnaise, or tahini) or chunkier ones (garlic or ginger) by twisting the blade in both directions. That also means you don't have to shake the bottle vigorously like a bartender and make an oily mess everywhere.

One challenge we encountered when designing it was figuring out how to make dynamic seals (inside the lid to keep the mixer airtight so the dressing doesn’t spoil) that were durable enough to hold up during cycle testing , while only allowing a small amount of friction so the non-slip ring was easy to rotate. (This is why we have engineers.) We went through several iterations of the ring, which was either too tight or too loose, before getting it just right.

Twist and Pour Salad Dressing Shaker DoodleSide note for any engineering nerds reading: the blade gear ratio is 1:7, meaning one full rotation of the non-slip ring turns the mixing blade seven times! For all you non-engineering nerds, this means it takes less time and effort to mix your dressing.

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It’s pretty fun to see how quickly the Mixer emulsifies dressing, not to mention protein shakes and marinades. “I remember when we were prototyping and testing out concepts, there was an exciting ‘aha’ moment when we saw how well one of the mock-ups worked. We started trying it with everything – protein powder, simple syrup (sugar and water), oil and water with food coloring – to see how well it emulsified different ingredients,” said Lynna, the Product Manager leading the Mixer’s product development.

It’s also a great tool if you’re trying to cut out store-bought salad dressings from your diet. The first thing you should try making: this Ginger Garlic Tahini Dressing, developed by our Lynna herself—it will be your new go-to dressing. Lynna likes using tahini as a dairy-free alternative for thick, creamy dressings. This dressing is great on everything from greens to grain bowls. When making thicker dressings like this one, add the thinner ingredients (like vinegar and soy sauce) to the Mixer first and then add the thicker stuff (like tahini) so it doesn’t get stuck at the bottom of the Mixer where the blade can’t reach.

What are your favorite dressings to make from scratch?


Lynna’s Ginger Garlic Tahini Dressing

Salad Dressing-1


½ cup tahini (sesame paste)
3 tbsps rice wine vinegar
2 tbsps soy sauce
2 tsps sesame oil
1 tbsp fresh ginger, grated
1 garlic clove, minced
1-2 tbsps warm water to thin out if needed

Salad Dressing-2 Salad Dressing-3


1. Add soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil into the mixer.

2. Add tahini, fresh grated ginger and minced garlic next.

3. Twist back and forth to mix the dressing together and add warm water to thin out, if needed.

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