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Welcome to Our New Blog!
Behind the Scenes

Welcome to Our New Blog!

When OXO was founded in 1990, our mission was to design solutions to make everyday tasks around the home easier. Since then, we’ve launched over 1,000 products and continue to obsess over all the ways we can solve life’s little pet peeves.

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We've picked up many tips and tricks along the way, not to mention all the stories we have about our design process and other fun insights from around the office.

So, that’s why we decided to launch this new site — to share all of these enlightening, handy, nifty, party-trick-worthy findings with you.


What Will You Find Here?

Anything that has to do with making everyday tasks — cooking, baking, cleaning, organizing, caring for your little one, and more — easier. How about brewing better coffee in the morning? For sure. Tips for tidying up the house? Of course. Making a big batch of cookies (or cocktails) before a party? You betcha. We're also sharing fresh stories about how we do things at OXO, pulling in insight from our product designers, engineers and other members of the OXO family.

Whether you're looking for advice, inspiration or maybe you’re just curious about how many pieces of bread we toasted in developing our toaster — it’s all here.


Happy Reading!


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