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100 Pounds of Potatoes, 20 Varieties of Butter, 4 Bags of Pet Fur and More: Our Year in Product Testing
Behind the Scenes product testing

100 Pounds of Potatoes, 20 Varieties of Butter, 4 Bags of Pet Fur and More: Our Year in Product Testing

Can you believe we went through 100 pounds of potatoes to design and test our new mandoline? 2016 has been quite an exciting year for OXO! From pounds of potatoes for slicing, julienning, and waffling, to researching sticks of butter from around the world for our Butter Dish, and let's not forget those four heavy bags of fur for our Furlifter—we wanted to reflect on this past year and share all these product testing numbers and more with you.

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2016 by the Numbers

pneumotic-air Testing fixtures that use compressed air.

-5.2 million test cycles per year (What’s a test cycle, you ask? Read more about OXO engineer Eddy and his test-cycling work here(Opens in a new window))

-175,000 times we snapped the latches for testing SNAP Containers(Opens in a new window)

-15,000 gallons of compressed air used with our testing fixtures (More on that here(Opens in a new window))

-1,000+ bacon strips tested for the Microwave Bacon Crisper (coming out soon!)

-350 cups of coffee brewed and tested for our new Pourover Coffee Maker with Water Tank(Opens in a new window)

-150 onions chopped to test the Vegetable Chopper with Easy Pour Opening(Opens in a new window) (+ many tears)

-100 pounds of potatoes to test the Chef’s Mandoline 2.0 (available in March!)

-19 different regional butter varieties to make sure our butter dish(Opens in a new window) could accommodate all butter sizes around the world (in France, Ireland, Germany, Spain, UK, Canada, Mexico, UAE, Netherlands, Mexico, Israel, Chile, South Africa, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and of course USA)germany-butter

-7 different gasket shapes tested for the SNAP Containers

-4 international flights taken with Silicone Squeeze Bottle(Opens in a new window) to test how it reacts under pressure

-4 bags of fur collected from OXOnians’ pets and brought to the Housewares Show to demo the Furlifter linepet-hair



We Also…

-Launched 112 new productssalad-14

-Sold more Hand-held Spiralizers than any other OXO product
-Brewed 1,040 pounds of coffee beans (for office-drinking, not product-testing)

-Debuted this blog (!) and these were the Top 5 most popular posts:

1. 5 Things You Can Do with an Apple Divider(Opens in a new window)
2. How Much Energy Do You Save by Spatchcocking a Turkey?(Opens in a new window)
3. Why Glass Baby Blocks? (Opens in a new window)
4. Iced Coffee 2 Ways: Cold Brew vs. Hot Brew Over Ice(Opens in a new window)
5. How to Get Rid of All That Pet Hair(Opens in a new window)

Happy New Year from all of us at OXO. See you in 2017!


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