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Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dads Who Are Hard to Shop For

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dads Who Are Hard to Shop For

Words Emily Connelly

Father’s Day is around the corner, and we all know dads are notoriously hard to shop for. How do you give years of appreciation in just one gift?

We’ve taken the guesswork out of gifting so you can spend less time shopping for a present and more time celebrating with him. Whether your father is a coffee connoisseur, a grillmaster, or an aspiring mixologist, here are some gifts he’s sure to love (and actually use)!

Gifts For the Dad Who's a Coffee Connoisseur

This coffee grinder helps Dad unlock the full potential of his coffee beans and offers a variety of grind settings for his taste. The motor won’t overheat and the conical burrs create a uniform grind for optimal flavor extraction for his espresso, French Press, and everything in between!

Your dad is great, and his coffee should be, too. The OXO Brew 9-Cup Coffee Maker regulates brew time, water temperature and volume, the three variables that can make or break a pot of coffee. Simply add water and ground coffee and select the number of cups to brew—the machine will handle the rest, giving him perfect coffee every time.

Give your dad the gift of delicious coffee (or tea!) overnight with our Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Steeping coffee grounds in cold water over time provides a less bitter and acidic brew that stays fresh longer than regular coffee. Just add grounds and water, then steep overnight, then enjoy resulting concentrate as hot or iced coffee.

For the BBQ King: The Best Grilling Gifts for Dad

The Bladed Meat Tenderizer is tougher than it looks—it has 50 sharp blades that make meat softer, while also creating pockets for meat to absorb marinades and retain its own juices, which promotes uniform cooking. Fire up that grill!

This grilling set is perfect for the dad with a license to grill. It includes a 16″ Grilling Turner with a wide head and beveled edge for sliding under food and scraping off the grill. One side of the Turner is serrated for cutting meat. The set also includes tongs with scalloped heads for lifting heavy foods from the grill.

Help Dad grill meat to the right temperature by gifting him an instant read thermometer. This thermometer gives an accurate and precise measurement in seconds so Dad’s steaks will be professional-quality. Plus, if help him keep his grill clean, with a coal rake and grill brush.

For the Mixologist: Cocktail Gifts for Dad

Does Dad prefer his beverages shaken? Our 18-ounce shaker is made with double-wall construction to prevent sweating and keep icy drinks from making hands cold during use. The jigger’s cap has 1-oz, 3/4-oz and 1/2-oz measurement markings on the inside.

Don’t let picking out a Father’s Day gift leave you muddled! Give Dad the gift of perfectly made mojitos, caipirinhas, mint juleps, and more. Our muddler is great for mint and citrus, and has a nylon head that won’t scratch glasses.

Does your dad like to unwind with a cold drink? Give him a fancy bottle of his favorite beverage along with this ice cube tray. It makes six large (1 3/4″ square) cubes that keep drinks cold without diluting them. The flexible silicone allows for easy cube-removal, and the cover lets you to stack multiple trays in the freezer. Pairs especially well with a fine scotch or bourbon.

Need more gift ideas? Check out our best gifts for people who love to cook and amazing gifts for bakers.

By Emily Connelly

Emily Connelly is part of OXO's Brand Communications team. She enjoys running, backpacking, dad jokes, and Bruce Springsteen. She once broke her wrist falling out of a doorjamb.

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