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outdoor french press and coffee grinder

Make Someone a Happy Camper With OXO’s Best Camping Gifts

Cooking around the campfire has never been so fun! These camping gift ideas make the great outdoors even more epic.

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If you’ve got a camping lover on your holiday list this season, you’ll be looking for tools that give their outdoor lifestyle an upgrade. Functional gadgets that deliver quality results while taking up minimal space and weight can make camping easier—so the focus is on the fun. Whether you’re looking for a French press or camp stove cooking set, these ideas for your favorite camper pack a little extra wow factor in your gift.

enjoying coffee at campgroundenjoying coffee at campground

For the Coffee Connoisseur

Help them retire their old-school percolator and get coffee that’s almost as good as home while they’re enjoying the great outdoors. A French press that’s tough enough to stand up to the elements (but still brews a perfect cup) is a must. But don’t stop there: If you’re ready to splurge, consider giving them a whole suite of outdoor-friendly coffee-making gear—like a sturdy manual grinder, insulated cup (so they can take their favorite brew on the trail and keep it warm for up to 12 hours), or a container to protect the coffee beans from campsite critters.
Coffee connoisseur gifts:

Complete this gift: Good coffee—ground for a French press, if you’re not gifting a grinder, too—is a no brainer. Sweeten the deal with a few rock candy sticks or a small bottle of flavored coffee syrup.

basting vegetables on the grillbasting vegetables on the grill

For the Camping Grill Master

If they’re taking their grilling skills beyond their backyard, they’ll need the right tools to ensure that whatever they’re cooking turns out delicious. A grilling prep kit makes an easy, all-in-one camping gift idea. Add a basting bottle that holds and dispenses marinades, grilling tools, and a meat thermometer to ensure that everything is grilled to perfection. 
Grill master gifts:

Complete this gift: For an instant outdoor gift upgrade, add a spice rub to bring kick to any grill dish. You can even make your own custom spice rub—and gift it in an OXO Prep & Go Condiment Keeper that’s easy to pack for their next camping trip.

meat and vegetables being prepared for outdoor grillingmeat and vegetables being prepared for outdoor grilling

For the S’mores Lover 

For some folks, campfire desserts are just about the whole reason to go camping. And while you technically only need a stick to make s’mores, the right tools can make campfire treat creation a whole lot easier. Start with a skillet that streamlines the process of making s’mores for a crowd (and helps you execute the perfect camping fruit cobbler), then add tongs for easy handling of foil packets of dough, fruit, chocolate, and other goodies that are cooking on the campfire. A set of solid skewers (especially ones that lie flat so the ingredients easily cook on both sides) will assist in getting fruit to caramelize beautifully on a campfire.

Sweets lover gifts:

Complete this gift: Package the pan with the actual ingredients for s’mores: chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers.

condiments held in condiment keeperscondiments held in condiment keepers

For Post-Campfire Clean-Up 

It’s not the most fun part of camping, but someone’s got to keep things organized and clean. Give the camper-in-chief everything they need to keep their campsite in ship-shape, from leakproof containers to safeguard food to a clever squeegee-scraper and soap-dispensing brush that can make quick work of even the toughest dishes.

Camping organization gifts:

Complete this gift: Elevate your gift recipient’s clean-up game with a cute set of dish towels and a bottle of a biodegradable, camp-ready dish soap.

cooking on an outdoor stovecooking on an outdoor stove

For the Camp Stove Breakfast Fan

If your favorite outdoorsy type is all about a hot meal as the sun comes up, these gifts will help simplify an outdoor a.m. feast. Start with a skillet with a removable handle, so it’s easier to tuck into a backpack. Then add a squeeze bottle that’ll make mixing batter and making pancakes a breeze, and a set of camp stove cooking utensils to help flip, stir and serve.

Camp stove breakfast gifts:

Complete this gift: Pack some pancake mix (the just-add-water kind) and a mini bottle of maple syrup to round out this camping gift.

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