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The Best Pressure Cooker Accessories For Every Recipe

Pressure cookers are all the rage for their convenience and time-saving ability.

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We designed pressure cooker tools to maximize use of the cookers and to use with every type of recipe.

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Silicone Steamer

This flexible steamer(Opens in a new window) fits in different pot sizes and the handles fold inward and lock in place if you're using a lid. We like it for squash, potatoes (try this Mashed Potatoes and Parsnips recipe(Opens in a new window)) and more in our pressure cookers. This one does double duty—you can use it for steaming food in a regular pot as well (learn how to poach chicken, salmon, and shrimp in one.)

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Silicone Rack

This rack(Opens in a new window) makes the most of pressure cookers by providing a platform to elevate food while cooking, allowing grease and fat to drain into the cooker, away from meat, poultry or veggies. Bonus that the rack prevents food from sticking and makes cleanup a snap.

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Pressure Cooker Sling

For pot in pot recipes (like this Ziti "Lasagna" with Bolognese Sauce(Opens in a new window)), we rely on the Pressure Cooker Sling(Opens in a new window) for seamless removal of bakeware, baking cups and more out of pressure cookers. It will keep the bakeware above the water while cooking, and it's dishwasher safe.

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Holding up to 9 eggs, the egg rack fits perfectly in pressure cookers and helps to make consistent soft or hard boiled eggs. Deviled eggs(Opens in a new window) come together in a snap. It's perfect for making a big batch of eggs if you stack two racks for a group brunch.

Are you as obsessed with your pressure cooker as us? Which tools do you use with it? For more fun cooking accessories, check out these essential tools for baking.


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