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Gift Guide: Holiday Gift Exchange Ideas for $20 or Less

Gift Guide: Holiday Gift Exchange Ideas for $20 or Less

Words Valerie Liston

Office holiday gift exchanges offer a fun and affordable way to swap gifts and connect with coworkers. These eight gift ideas offer something perfect for everyone on your list.

The holidays are here and you’ve made a list and checked it twice but…aw man, you forgot about that gift exchange at work. Or maybe your friends decided to do a swap this year, or your kid’s school is having a raffle—whatever the occasion, you need something cute, clever, gifty and cost-effective.

Here are eight gift-worthy OXO products for under $20, plus bonus optional pairings to zhuzh up the presentation a bit.

Pour-Over Coffee Maker with Water Tank ($15.99)

If you know someone who loves the idea of pour-over coffee but laments spending their time and money getting it from local coffee shops, this is the perfect gift. Pair with a cute mug for the perfect gift.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Wine Preserver and 2 Stoppers ($16.99)

What’s great about this gift is that it’s something the recipient a) likely doesn’t already own and b) it’ll make them think of you and how great you are every time they use it. Pair with a bottle of wine—a go-to move is to find a cheap-but-pretty bottle when you’re in the wine shop.

Keyboard & Screen Deep Cleaning Set

Keyboard & Screen Deep Cleaning Set ($10.99) For coworkers who like to keep a tidy desk, this trio of tools—a straight-bristled brush, a microfiber cloth and a loop brush for keyboard keys—is a thoughtful item for your office gift exchange. Pair with mini succulent or desk accessory for an extra special touch.

Reusable Can & Lid Set

2 Piece Reusable Lid Drink and Can Set ($8.99) This is a simple but thoughtful gift for someone who likes to cut down on their use of plastic. These reusable silicone lids instantly create a seal to store food and drinks—plus they’re colorful, which always gets extra points. Gift them a bottle of their drink of choice for next-level thoughtfulness.

Silicone Baking Cups ($9.99), interesting gel food coloring (you can usually get the primary colors for ~$5 at your local supermarket) or add some colorful sprinkles! To round out the gift even more, discover ideas for the best holiday gifts for bakers, specifically.

Herb & Kale Stripping Lettuce Knife

Lettuce Knife with Kale Stripper ($6.99) For those who love nothing more than packing a healthy salad for lunch, this handy tool makes short work of a bunch of kale. It can strip any size stems with a simple pull, and when paired with the On the Go Salad Container ($15.99) your gift will surely garner many thanks.

Hand-Held Spiralizer ($16.99) Know someone who loves nothing more than creating Pinterest-worthy dishes? Spiralizers make a perfect gift given that they cut vegetables into uniform, spaghetti-like strands that work look great in pastas and salads. The leak-proof On the Go Lunch Container ($12.99) has two handy compartments that keep wet and dry foods separate until lunchtime.

DIY holiday food gifts are also an affordable addition to any gift exchange since they pair something useful with a tasty treat sure to wow the recipient.

Do you have any gift exchange tips or best-bang-for-your-buck gift ideas? Let us know!

By Valerie Liston

Valerie Liston is part of OXO's Brand Communications team. She is a Bostonian by blood, a New Yorker by choice, a writer, a lover of stories, a self-proclaimed nerd, and a Hufflepuff.

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