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9 Must-Have Tools for Summer Fruits and Veggies

Summertime is here, which means there’s an abundance of fresh, juicy produce everywhere you turn (tomatoes! watermelon! corn!). The only downside: figuring out how to eat all of this deliciousness before it goes bad. We've rounded up some great tools to help you make the most of your summer produce.

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Stock up at the farmer’s market without worrying about your produce going bad before you can eat it all (the struggle is real). The GreenSaver’s unique basket design and carbon filter help keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer. It comes in three sizes to accommodate different shapes and sizes of produce, from blueberries to carrots (and everything in between).

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Strawberry Huller

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your strawberries were were ready to eat, sans stem? Whether you’re making a fruit salad, smoothie, strawberry balsamic and thyme galette, or just snacking on strawberries by the handful, this huller removes the hull and leaves easily. Prefer your strawberries in cocktail form? The huller makes easy work of whipping up strawberry-infused frosé or strawberry margaritas.

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Corn Holders

Our corn holders have soft, non-slip handles and a “butter dam” to keep butter on the cob and off your hands. (You’ll save yourself a few napkins.)

Corn Peeler

So maybe eating corn directly from the cob isn’t for you, but that’s no reason to miss out on the summer fun. This corn peeler has a curved blade to perfectly cut kernels from the cob (and bonus: it’s dishwasher safe). Plus, try these five delicious ideas for eating corn this summer.

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Melon Baller

Have a ball making fruit salads. Grab a honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon or any other melon you find at the market.

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Can’t think of what to make for a quick, healthy summer meal? Use your noodle (er, zoodle!). Spiralizing is a fun way to eat veggies and fruits. This spiralizer comes with three interchangeable blades so you can quickly and easily transform produce into fettuccine-like strands, spaghetti-like noodles, or ribbon cut “pasta.”

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Pineapple Slicer

Go from saying, “ugh, how do I cut this pineapple?” to hearing, “how did you so perfectly cut that pineapple?” This slicer makes perfect rings from fresh pineapples while leaving the skin intact. We like using the skin as a cup for tropical beverages (bring the beach to you).

Mango Slicer with Scoop

Anyone who's ever tried to cut up a mango knows that they're slippery and hard to separate from the skin. The mango slicer makes it easy to score it, and then the scoop helps you lift out perfect squares. Chocolate covered mango, anyone?

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Multi-Cherry Pitter

Love snacking on cherries, but think pits are, well, the pits? This handy tool lets you slice and pit six cherries at a time, making it easy to bake a cherry pie, or shove handfuls of this delicious summer fruit in your mouth.


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