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The Best Gifts for Cocktail Lovers and the Aspiring Mixologists in Your Life

The Best Gifts for Cocktail Lovers and the Aspiring Mixologists in Your Life

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We all have those friends who want to be the go-to person for mixing up delicious cocktails.

They may already have some of the booze, or even some mixers or bitters on hand, but we’ve put together a cocktail lover’s holiday gift guide so you can help them upgrade their at-home bar with these essentials for making cocktails (and hey, maybe you’ll reap some of the benefits too!).

Best Gifts for Mixologists

Covered Silicone Ice Cube Tray-Large Cube Covered Silicone Ice Cube Tray-Large Cube $11.99
Citrus Peeler Citrus Peeler $9.99
SteeL Muddler SteeL Muddler $16.99
 2-in-1 Citrus Juicer 2-in-1 Citrus Juicer $16.99
Ice Cube Tray

A great winter whiskey cocktail obviously starts with the whiskey. Whether it’s for bourbon, scotch, or any other whiskey variety, this big ice cube tray keeps your drink colder longer, without completely watering down the alcohol. They can sip their whiskey in lowball glasses (maybe even get them engraved!) in front of a fireplace for even longer.

The holiday season lends itself to many celebrations. Encourage your mixologist friend to shake up festive drinks like French 75s and Gin Fizzes with a cocktail shaker. Using a shaker is not only fun, it also makes you feel like a *real* bartender.

Citrus Peeler

Help your friends give their cocktails a professional-looking flourish with a citrus peeler to add fancy garnishes to their cocktails. It’s also great for making cocktails like coffee Negroni, which calls for a strip of fresh orange peel right in the drink. And remember, Negronis are always stirred not shaken, so you could pair this with a bag of your favorite coffee.

SteeL Muddler

Every mojito-lover needs a great muddler. This stainless steel one has a nylon head so it won’t scratch fancy cocktail glasses. It’s perfect for muddling mint for juleps or citrus for caipirinhas—yum! And gifting them one will ensure that you get an invite the next time they’re mixing up on of these delicious drinks.

Cocktail Strainer

As the budding mixologist in your life dives into the world of fruity cocktails, give them a bottle of your favorite liquor, a fun cocktail recipe (like this melon mojito), and help them achieve smooth cocktail perfection, clear of pulp and ice chips, with a good cocktail strainer.

Winter citrus like Meyer lemons and blood oranges add a refreshing punch to cocktails. Inspire them to add some fresh juice into their cocktails with this juicer (and gift them some Meyer lemons so they can get started immediately!)

Angled Jigger

Angled Jigger It could get a little messy if they just eyeball their way through booze measurements, so gifting this angled jigger with measurement markings (in ounces and tablespoons), which are visible while looking straight down into the jigger, could save their back (and yours!).

And just in case you think they’re not fit for the cocktail-making challenge, wrap up a six-pack of winter ale and throw in a bottle opener so they can easily open up some ice cold cruisers.

Cheers! Who’s ready for some holiday cocktails? Try this delicious mulled wine cocktail, which you can premake in big batches ahead of your next holiday shindig.

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