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New Apartment Gifts: 8 Things That Are Necessary To Get Settled In

After daydreaming about wall art and color schemes, did your friend remember to pack a mop? Find out the practical basics to gift to make any new place more comfortable.

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Moving is not easy—between boxing everything up (exhausting) and adjusting to your new neighborhood (stressful), there’s a never-ending stream of things to worry about. Fortunately, there are some new apartment gifts that will make a new place instantly feel homier.

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8-Cup Coffee Maker(Opens in a new window)

Waking up on the right side of bed is so much easier when you know there’s caffeine waiting for you in the kitchen. Our 8-Cup Coffee Maker was designed to control water volume and temperature as well as brew time to make the perfect cup every morning. Learn how to use it to brew a single cup for yourself now, and full carafes for later on. More of a French press person? Get our tips for how to brew it right every time.

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14 Piece Glass Bake, Serve & Store Set(Opens in a new window)

In a new home, storage is a must. This super useful set does double duty since it includes both our Glass Bakeware set(Opens in a new window) and Food Storage Containers, so it’ll come in handy for every step of meal-making, from cooking to storing.

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10 Piece POP Container Set(Opens in a new window)

Whether you’re storing flour, pasta, pretzels or other dry goods, stackable airtight containers, in a variety of shapes and sizes, are always a savior. The shape of this set makes pantry storage easy and keeps your dry goods fresh. Get inspired by these pantry makeovers to get your new kitchen looking Instagram-worthy.  Don't have a pantry? Learn how to fake a pantry in your small kitchen.

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15 Piece Kitchen Essentials Set(Opens in a new window)

First apartment faux pas: you make a meal and realize you don’t have enough utensils to both prep and serve food (i.e. using a bowl to scoop soup into another bowl because oops, no ladle). This set includes tongs, a can opener, grater, peeler, spatula, ice cream scooper, and whisk—everything you need to get yourself cooking. And we have lots of fun recipe ideas, if you need cooking inspiration.

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GreenSaver(Opens in a new window)

Nobody wants their fresh fruits and veggies spoiling in their new fridge! The GreenSaver’s unique design keeps produce fresher longer, so there’s more time to enjoy that juicy summer melon and those crisp salad greens. Plus, get more advice on how to store your fruits and veggies to keep them fresh.

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Vertical Lever Corkscrew(Opens in a new window)

How are you going to pop open that celebratory bottle of wine without a corkscrew? This one is the simplest possible kind to use and has a built-in foil cutter to make bottle-opening even easier. Bonus: it’s packaged in a very giftable cigar-style box. Don't forget the wine stoppers to keep it fresh if you can't finish the whole bottle (though we won't tell if you do).

Spray Mop(Opens in a new window)

Mops are not glamorous gifts, nope, but they are definitely pragmatic gifts (especially for someone who has a knack for spilling things, a.k.a. all of us). This spray mop has a microfiber pad that grabs and traps dirt for deep cleaning, plus it has a built in scrubber for extra-tough spots.

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Quick-Extend Aluminum Pole Caddy

OK, so bathroom storage is another one that’s not particularly glamorous. But this Pole Caddy makes it easy and efficient to store a variety of shower essentials like shampoo, soap, and sponges, and everyone loves a practical housewarming gift, right?

Want to keep your new place clean and organized? Get our best cleaning tips to keep your apartment spic and span.


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