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27 Best-in-Brew Coffee Lover Accessory Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for a coffee drinker in your life?  No matter how they take their coffee, these gift ideas for coffee lovers will help them brew a great cup—every time.

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Whether they prefer a creamy café au lait or a refreshing cold brew, every coffee lover has their preferred brewing method and formulation. And while that can make it hard to choose the right gifts for a coffee drinker (or even yourself!), these coffee accessory gifts make it easier than ever to enjoy barista-level coffee at home.

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For the Beginner Barista

If you or your gift recipient are new to coffee, start at the beginning with some easy-to-follow guidelines for making great coffee at home. Then lean in to a few central beliefs shared by all coffee lovers, namely that coffee making essentials are as important as other must-have kitchen tools and new apartments basics. And in addition: The foundations of a great cup include water that’s just the right temperature plus a specific amount of freshly ground coffee beans.

No need to go overboard at the beginning. Instead, focus on giving or acquiring cornerstone items like an easy-to-use drip coffee maker and a well-marked scoop. Already starting to get into coffee culture? Then consider a versatile coffee maker that can brew either a single cup or a batch of up to 12 cups, which makes it easy to have extra coffee on hand for coffee ice cubes, or yummy coffee-infused cocktails, not to mention classic coffee-flavored desserts such as Affogato and Tiramisu.

Rookie Coffee Lover Gifts:


PourOverGuide SmallImage    X
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For the Iced Coffee Lover

If warm weather is on the horizon, some of the best gifts out there for coffee lovers are those that make it easy to switch to iced versions of their favorite drinks. One idea: A French press or a single-serving pour-over coffee maker with a built-in water tank that makes it easy to brew and then cool coffee. Once it’s at room temperature, it’s ready to be poured over ice into a large insulated tumbler, which will keep it chilled for up to 12 hours (not that it’s ever taken a coffee lover that long to enjoy a caffeinated beverage!). Throw in a reusable stainless steel straw and drink up that iced coffee.
Iced Coffee Lover Gifts:


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For the Adventurous Coffee Drinker

Some folks get creative with cocktails, others can’t get enough of holiday baking. Then there are those who like to explore new tastes with various coffee brewing methods and latte art designs. For them, a few unexpected coffee accessories make the perfect gift. So, consider a selection of spices that pair well with coffee (like cinnamon and cardamom) or everything needed to create an at-home coffee bar. They’ll love it!

Adventurous Coffee Lover gifts:


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BaristaCoffee LargeImage X

For the Cold Brew Fan

For coffee drinkers who like to keep things chill, there’s cold brew, which is made without steam or heat. The key to its not-too-bitter, rich, bold flavor? Creating a perfectly-balanced cold brew concentrate that doesn’t absorb flavors from coffee filters as it brews, and experimenting with innovative cold brew recipes. You can even use a cold brew maker to make cold brew iced tea.
Cold Brew Coffee Lover Gifts:


Latte Art
Latte Art

For the Bean Fiend

Coffee lovers who crave the freshest brew possible tend to shy away from pre-ground beans. They’re the type of people who keep their homes hyper organized and know which coffee bean is best for each kind of brewing method, so no surprise they’d probably rather grind the beans themselves to their desired consistency. They also tend to insist on a clean coffee maker and that the water temperature be precisely calibrated. Help them achieve this balance with tools made for precise measurements and ideas for enjoying their obsession in new ways, such as coffee sodas.

Coffee Bean Love Gifts:

For the Coffee Lover on the Go 

Coffee lovers love coffee—that’s a fact. Hot or cold, at home or while camping, it’s so much a part of their daily routine that they’re willing to gulp it down on the go if they must. Make it easier for them to enjoy their java or hydrate while on the move with an insulated travel bottle or a thermos with a cup that doesn’t leak or sweat so it can be put into any bag, briefcase or car holder. One more great gift idea: A portable straw in a case that stays clean in purses, lunch totes and briefcases and can be used with any coffee, anywhere.

Coffee Lover On-the-Go Gifts:

While it’s true that coffee makes the world go ‘round, sometimes life calls for the perfect cup of tea. When that happens, fire up the kettle to brew a hot cup or enjoy a tall glass of cold brew iced tea infused with refreshing citrus.


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