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13 Best-in-Brew Coffee Accessory Gifts

Celebrate the joys of java with gifts designed to turn the daily grind into a work of latte art.

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Anyone who loves coffee(Opens in a new window) knows brewing the perfect cup is an art. And thanks to a growing number of quality coffee (Opens in a new window)makers and accessories, it’s easier than ever to master that art by making barista-worthy concoctions at home(Opens in a new window). If you’re shopping for the coffee lovers in your life, the gifts here are sure to please. Whether your recipient takes it black or prefers fancy lattes with an artful foam design, there’s a present that will appeal to every kind of coffee fan. Just pair one of these holiday gifts with a bag of rich coffee beans and start wrapping.

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For the Beginner Barista

It’s hard to screw up drip coffee, so a classic coffee maker is a great gift for fledgling coffee lovers—especially when you pick the top-rated OXO Brew version. Just measure out the coffee grounds with a handy scoop, push a button, and enjoy. Not sure if you want to make a single cup or whole carafe? With the slide of a switch, you can do both with OXO’s 8 Cup Coffee Maker.

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For the Experimental Drinker 

If you have friends who are always looking to try something new, set them up with the tools they need to explore different brewing methods. Perhaps they might like the bold flavor of a cup made in a classic French press. Or if they’re all about the details, there’s the Pour-Over Coffee Maker with Water Tank, featuring a precise hole pattern that evenly distributes measured water over the grounds for maximal flavor.

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For the Bean Fiend

For the coffee lover who craves the freshest brew possible, a conical burr grinder achieves the perfect cup. Voted the best budget grinder by the New York Times Wirecutter, this OXO Brew Conical Burr Grinder produces amazingly consistent grinds and features a wide number of settings for every style of brew. Plus, it is so awesomely affordable, you can give one as a gift—and get another for yourself.

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For the Cold Brew Fan

Some people prefer it cold—if your family member is one of those, get them this Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker that brews flavor-rich coffee concentrate that can be stored in the fridge (you can heat it up, too, when you’re ready for a cup—it’s a great way to batch your coffee). Make every sip less wasteful by including reusable stainless steel straws (these come with handy cleaner brushes and storage cases, too). Add in a large-cube ice tray—the bigger cubes melt more slowly and true coffee aficionados can freeze leftover coffee into cubes so their iced drink doesn't get diluted.

For the Perfectionist

If your friend is the sort who needs to know exactly how many grams of coffee grounds to use, this is the perfect gift: a precision scale and timer that measures from .5 grams and up, in .1 gram increments. A built-in timer is an ideal feature for pour-overs, and the slim scale design makes it an elegant accessory in the kitchen. 

Latte Art

For the Latte Artist

Friends looking to go the extra step with their cups of coffee will love a gift bag stuffed with baking tools that can creatively serve double-duty as latte art supplies. OXO’s cookie press disks can work as stencils for detailed foam designs. (Who wouldn't want a snowflake on top of their latte?) Pair the stencil with a dusting wand, which can be used to sprinkle on cinnamon sugar or cocoa powder. Complete your gift with a squeeze bottle that can be filled with chocolate or caramel syrup for the finishing flourishes on latte art designs.

For the Coffee Lover on the Go 

When you don’t have time to linger over a cup at home, a travel mug can help keep the drink hot on the road (and OXO's thermal mug(Opens in a new window) has a leak-proof seal so you never have to worry about an accident while you’re driving). For those who enjoy weekend getaways, this travel-ready French press is meant to withstand tough conditions—whether that means camping in the woods or at a rental home.

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