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The Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Bakers

The Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Bakers

Words Valerie Liston

‘Tis the season for holiday baking and gift giving—and sometimes a combination of the two! Whether you want to gift baked goods with something that’ll last longer than the cookies you made, or you’re looking for the perfect gift for your favorite baker, here are some ideas to get you started.

Who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies or homemade pie? Or the wonderful person in your life who loves to bake them? Even (or especially!) if you’re more of a cake-eater than a cakemaker, gift your favorite baker with these supplies to keep them (and you) in more baked goods to come.

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Prep Tools

This is for the baker who has most of the basics but is ready for more advanced supplies to start new baking adventures. Stainless steel measuring cups and spoons and a food scale are great places to start (take it to the next level with a punny message, like, “My love for you is immeasurable, but cupcake ingredients aren’t!”). While these prep tools aren’t necessarily fun on their own, they pair well with cookbooks.

Baking Tools

One thing every baker needs, whether they’re brand-new or a certified pastry chef, is quality bakeware. Fill a loaf pan with festive candy or wrap a cookbook up inside a glass baking dish. Another idea, which would also be a great gift for a host, is to bring treats served on a jelly roll pan (a clean, brand new one, not the one you actually baked in) or a delicious pie in a beautiful glass pie plate. You could also just be someone’s hero and get them a full set of glass bakeware, arming them with everything they need to bake every treat in the book!

Cookie Tools

To break the cookie-cutter mold, bring some sweet treats to a holiday party and give the host the baking tools to recreate them! Include a Cookie Scoop or a Cookie Spatula and tie a little recipe card to the handle with a ribbon. It’s a simple but thoughtful gift that will keep on giving! Or, for a fellow cookie enthusiast, give them a Cookie Press with a festive Disk Set and make a couple dozen spritz cookies to share.

Storage Tools

Hold on, don’t go! “Storage tools” doesn’t exactly scream fun gift, but we promise this will be cute. The POP Containers are a fun way to present cookie gifts or any treats you’re bringing to a potluck. Another cute idea is a deconstructed baked goods gift. Fill the POP Container Baking Set with (non-perishable) ingredients—sugar, flour, chocolate chips, nuts—then seal ’em up and hope your friend shares when they make their first batch!

Decorating Tools

The serious baker probably already has all the basics. Try sweetening the deal with some fun decorating tools like an icing knife, or even an entire decorating kit.

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By Valerie Liston

Valerie Liston is part of OXO's Brand Communications team. She is a Bostonian by blood, a New Yorker by choice, a writer, a lover of stories, a self-proclaimed nerd, and a Hufflepuff.

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