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Buying Guide: Kid-Friendly Cooking Tools
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Buying Guide: Kid-Friendly Cooking Tools

Letting your little one help in the kitchen just got easier. These real cooking tools are safe and kid-friendly, and each one is interesting enough that it just may inspire your next dinner recipe!

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As someone who loves to cook, I’m thrilled when my three-year-old wants to “help” in the kitchen (most of the time). Sure, my mise en place goes all over the place, but seeing Iris’s eyes light up when she smells, tastes, and watches raw ingredients transform into a finished dish is worth the mess (again, most of the time).

I asked fellow OXOnians what they like to cook with their kids and they not only provided recipes, they also shared their favorite real tools ideal for each task (we are OXO after all). Read on for our favorite kid-friendly cooking tools!

Egg Beater


Egg Beater

I never thought I needed an Egg Beater until I tried the OXO version. I’ll come right out and say it: This Egg Beater is fun. It’s easy to use, simple to clean, and the handle doesn’t get slippery—even when little hands are wet or…slimy. What’s more, this kid-friendly Egg Beater has an awesome backstory: It was inspired by the smooth turning of a fishing rod reel when OXO’s President Alex Lee was on a lakeside vacation. Give it a whirl when you make these healthy breakfast pancakes.

Stainless Steel Measuring Cups

For tots, measuring ingredients (and then dumping them into a mixing bowl) is the ultimate “I can do it myself” experience. My only issue with this is I can never find the measuring cup I need when I need it. Thankfully, these Stainless Steel Measuring Cups are magically magnetic, meaning they store together neatly. OXOnian Troy uses them when making Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes with his boys, Caleb and Zeke. Even better? Magnets are endlessly fascinating to kids. Don’t you love a win-win?

Salad Spinner

Salad SpinnerSalad Spinner
Salad Spinner

When you think of kid-friendly food, salad is not top of mind. Be the change you want to see in your home with our award-winning Salad Spinner. A toy top inspired its design, so even the littlest tots love helping spin greens. Ready to give salad a chance? Try these recipes on for size. P.S. Tots also love to shake dressing up with our watertight, break-resistant Salad Dressing Shaker.

Tabletop Spiralizer


You won’t need to sneak vegetables into your dinner plans when your little one gets ahold of this fun cooking tool! The Tabletop Spiralizer allows your tot to quickly and easily turn vegetables into noodles—once spiralized, recipe options are endless. Kids can help dress the spirals into salads, bake into casseroles, shape into fun desserts or all sorts of other ribbony, vegetable goodness.

Non-Stick Pro Half Sheet Jelly Roll

Half SheetHalf Sheet
Half Sheet

Our Senior Product Manager Benat uses this pan with her seven-year-old Amelia (a huge fan of Master Chef Junior) to make these biscuits. The non-stick coating equals a seamless transition from pan to plate, or, let’s be honest, mouth. Bonus! We include free recipes with all of our Metal and Glass Bakeware sets.

Cookie Press

Cookie PressCookie Press
Cookie Press

Our Cookie Press is among our favorite kid-friendly cooking tools as it makes baking lots of cookies extra fun and super easy. Kids love to choose their shape—the Press comes with daisy, flower, sunflower, fleur-de-lis, butterfly, bear, shell, leaf, heart, snowflake, tree and wreath disks. Just load the dough and push the lever to dispense perfect cookies. It’s kind of like a Play-Doh playset, but edible.


What do you like to cook with your tots?


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